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30 Ways To Wear Your Love For Pugs

Because those expressive little wrinkly faces make not only your life roughly a million times better, but your wardrobe too.

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3. And also know how to just kind of look at you and make your brain and heart and face explode, even when they're just a cartoon.

6. Pug rhymes with hug, which is what you'll want to do to yourself all day long when you're wearing this. You might scare some people, but they'll probably get it once they see your sweater.

13. Sad but true: Sometimes it's just not possible to dive headfirst into a sea of pugs and roll around having fun times with them. Here's a shirt that might help, though.

18. Did you know that studies* show pugs are the most career-minded breed of the entire canine species?


First Pug on the Moon Tee by Deter at Urban Outfitters, $28

*No studies were actually done but this is an educated guess.

27. Because making out with your S.O. gets kinda tired after a while but dog kisses never get boring (unless you're a terrible human).

28. Pugs and babies make an for extra explosion-due-to-cuteness combo. Sorry, hope you're still alive. If you are, go buy this for a baby you know RIGHT NOW.

29. I just want to take a Glamour Shot in this sweater surrounded by a grumble (that's what a group of them is called — !!!!) of pugs wearing parkas and fuzzy boots.

30. And don't forget to accessorize your lil' smush-faced friend in some badass gear so he can roll out the door in just as much style as you do.

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