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    20 Alcoholic Beverages You'll Never Be Able to Drink Again

    RIP all the things that made life fun.

    1. Bacardi Breezer:

    2. Four Loko (with caffeine):

    3. Joose (with caffeine):

    4. Sparks — and my personal favorite, Sparks Plus — with caffeine:

    5. Budweiser BE:

    6. Zima:

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    As of 2008, we've been mourning this brave pioneer of the "alcopop" beverage. Zima was all the rage in the mid- and late '90s, and a favorite amongst hard liquor-phobic youth; a gateway beverage, if you will. Also it was super ~ kewl ~ because it was CLEAR, you guys. If you have an upcoming trip to Japan, though, you might be able to get your grubby little mitts on a bottle of this, since it's still sold there.

    7. Miller Chill:

    8. Jack Daniel's Hard Cola:

    9. Skyy Blue

    10. Stoli Citrona

    11. Bud Ice Light

    12. Tequiza

    13. Silver Thunder, Big Bear, and Coqui 900

    14. Bud Dry:

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    This beer had a pretty good run, from 1989–2010. It was a light lager that really wasn't much to write home about, but hey — it made us drunk and happy, so let's not fail to pay our proper respects.

    15. Woody's Vodka Coolers:

    16. Thermal Bite Aftershock:

    17. Oronoco Brazilian Rum: