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A-List Pets That Are Goals AF

It doesn't get much cuter than this...

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Kylie Jenner

Instagram: @normieandbambijenner

I bet Norman and Bambi are the first to see Kylie's Lip Kits

Jenna Marbles (Mourey) and Julien Solomita

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Jenna Marbles / Via

Up happened irl

Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

@vancityreynolds / Via Instagram: @vancityreynolds

Living in the Reynolds/Lively household is #lifegoals in itself...

Jenna Marbles (Mourey) and Julien Solomita part 2

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Jenna Marbles / Via

Marbles, Kermit and Peach have their very own bachelor pad under the stairs

Colleen Ballinger

@prissygusgus / Via Instagram: @prissygusgus

Who doesn't wish they could fit their entire head in a glass?

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan / Via

Lulu and Meeka got to meet Santa... though they didn't seem very impressed

David Dobrik

@daviddobrik / Via

Living with a group of vloggers must be the most entertaining thing EVER

Jenna and Julien Part 3

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Jenna Marbles / Via

This just speaks for itself...

The Obamas

@barackobama / Via

Bo spent 8 years living it up in the White House

Lisa Vanderpump

@lisavanderpump / Via

Giggy has more outfits than me

Taylor Swift

@taylorswift / Via

Who wouldn't want to be named after bad-ass TV characters, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson?

Ruby Rose

This = #vacationgoals

Miley Cyrus

Their Halloween costumes give us all a run for our money...

John Legend and Chrissy Teigen

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John Legend sang at their wedding.

Paris Hilton

@parishilton / Via

They have their own doggy mansion

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