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    27 Things To Wear That May Make You Laugh

    Trends may come and go, but a sense of humor never goes outta style.

    1. A "Know Your Keanus" shirt to pay homage to the most meme-able immortal we know.

    2. A "Just Sippin" Baby Yoda racerback tank, because you know how the saying goes: keep your enemies close, and your fictional adopted son from an alternate universe closer.

    3. An "Ew, David" hat for anyone who needs something to hide their tears every time they think about how much they'll miss new episodes of Schitt's Creek.

    4. A Parks And Recreation "Woman Of The Year" sweater perfect for any Galentine's Day-themed event and beyond.

    5. A Disney princess T-shirt with an elegant twist on the always funny "Taco Belle" pun for anyone whose dream Friday night involves a chalupa and Disney+.

    6. A non-medical cat face mask for everyday use so you can finally achieve your dream of matching your cat in all your Instagram posts.

    7. A personalized "Joey Doesn't Share Food" shirt, because you know what? Joey isn't alone.

    8. A tank top for pizza lovers that honestly sounds like a decent slogan for a new cheese-based religion, just saying.

    9. A fan fiction T-shirt for anyone still trying to fall asleep and not see the last season of Game Of Thrones flashing before their eyes.

    10. A Zoom University T-shirt that complies with the current school dress code of sweatpants, slippers, and snuggly things, because we are all alumni of the internet now.

    11. A rainbow Spongebob tie-dye T-shirt with the ~imaaaaaginaaaaaation~ that finally gives this iconic line the aesthetic it deserves.

    12. A non-medical stressed opossum face mask for everyday use that will finally let you become what you were always meant to be: a walking meme.

    13. A pair of "Drop It Like A Sloth" socks you can only wear if you're willing to come to terms with having that song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

    14. An "I Have No Shelf Control" sweater for the bookish folks among us who may or may not be living in a sea of TBR piles.

    15. A pair of personalized socks you can get with your best friend making a weird face on them, because it's not enough just to immortalize it as their phone contact pic.

    16. An Animal Crossing T-shirt for anyone too busy pulling two-dimensional weeds to be bothered washing three-dimensional dishes.

    17. An "Assistant (to the) Regional Manager" baseball cap to wear in solidarity with all bajillion of us streaming The Office for the 18th time in a row.

    18. A "Mother Of Cats" T-shirt as a tribute to the only creature in this realm as fierce as an actual dragon.

    19. A coffee-loving shirt for anyone who knows that "eeffoc" isn't a four-letter word, but might as well be.

    20. A dainty White Claw floral tee so you can just lean all the way in on not just making hard seltzer your lifestyle, but your whole aesthetic.

    21. A "granddog" T-shirt that truly understands the millennial struggle of not particularly wanting kids, but assembling a small Avengers-worthy team of adorable pups.

    22. A pair of baby socks that brings new meaning to the phrase "it's 5 o'clock somewhere."

    23. Or a pair of wine socks for adults, if you prefer to kick up your own feet and wait for the magic to happen.

    24. A cooking apron for anyone whose signature dish is always perfect, even if they themselves are just a litttttle bit salty.

    25. An "It's Just A Phase" tank, because puns are great, but moon puns??? Infinitely better.

    26. A "Cheese Is My Love Language" T-shirt to let people know that sweet dreams are, in fact, made of cheese (and who are you to diss a brie?).

    27. A T-shirt for taco lovers that acknowledges that tacos are, in fact, their own form of lovers.

    You laughing hysterically whenever you open your closet:

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