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This Newfoundland Politician Said "Self-Awareness" Can Treat Cancer

Tina Olivero's tweets have gotten her into hot water.

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Tina Olivero dropped out of the race on Friday after CBC Newfoundland reportedly asked her about a labour dispute with her former nanny in which Olivero was ordered to pay more than $23,000 outstanding wages.

She wants you to always be true to yourself. Don't ever let your race or culture change that!


...we're not exactly sure what that means, but what's really important is that we stay positive. #NOBASHING


...and this reply, among others.

@olivero_tina would you say a person with cancer or epilepsy needs a new solution starting with self awareness ?


People became negative. 😞

@olivero_tina I so wish my dad had been more self aware about his lung cancer. Maybe we could have kept him around longer.

@olivero_tina adding to the stigma around mental health and medication!! Love it!!

Someone even created a Kijiji ad about her selling medical textbooks.

"The plastic wrapping is still on the one about epilepsy, I never opened that one because everyone knows you can cure it with a mix of Mandrake root and Devil’s snare smoked through a bong while sitting under the Whomping Willow," the ad says.

"Will trade for unicorn tears or McDonalds gift cards. To contact me just focus your thoughts on the brightest star in the sky and I will come running, or tweet me at @olivero_tina."


.@olivero_tina You are being hurtful by insinuating our loved ones who died could still be here if only they wanted it hard enough.

Impossible! Olivero is ALWAYS positive.

To clarify her comments to the #haters, she wrote an explanation on Facebook that is more than 2,300 words-long.

Facebook: tina.olivero

She talked extensively about her career and how she's empowered people in her life, and said she even has a family member with mental illness.

"I know it first hand and I have so much compassion for the people who have illness and who are in the families of those with addiction and/or mental illness," she wrote.

She said she had just "asked questions of addiction and mental illness."

She then blamed the media for wanting to ask her questions about her comments on mental illness.

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