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The Canadian Senate Paid A Former Employee $20,000 In A Grievance Settlement

The details are secret, though.

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The Canadian Senate recently paid a former employee $20,000 in a settlement related to a grievance claim.

Chris Wattie / Reuters

The Red Chamber is keeping the details secret, though, saying only that the claimant was a former employee and that the settlement was made in 2014.

"We are legally bound by a confidentiality agreement in this matter and unable to comment further,” a Senate spokesperson said in an email.

The name of the employee was also withheld in the most recent edition of Public Accounts, a yearly record of government spending.

The Senate says the claim was settled by its internal economy committee, "then chaired by Speaker Noel Kinsella." Kinsella retired in November 2014.

The Senate has a recent history of harassment complaints from former employees.

In the spring of 2014, an investigation cleared Sen. Colin Kenny of allegations of sexual and workplace harassment, while another senator, the now-retired Pierre de Bané, was facing a human rights complaint from a former staffer who said he drove her to tears.

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