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A Hashtag Made A Bunch Of Canadians Think The OC Was Coming Back

This is sadder than when Seth sailed away at the end of season one.

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Back in 2007, something tragic happened. The OC went off the air.

RIP Marissa and the defining show of this generation.

On Thursday, #TheOC2016 popped up in Canadian Twitter's trending topics.

People thought it meant the show was coming back!

...Only to realize it was a dirty lie.

WOW wtf, when u see #TheOC2016 is trending but its nothing to do with the show 😡😡 what a tease...twitter why u do dis to me

#TheOC2016 refers to the Ottawa Conference on Security and Defence.

When #TheOC2016 is trending and you think there's going to be a reunion. Turns out it's just about politics. This is the worst kind of tease

Politics, ruining everything like usual.

So much pain.

#TheOC2016 you have broken the hearts of OC fans all over the world. #hashtagfail

Seriously Ottawa Conference on Security & Defence, #TheOC2016 may be the worst troll jobbing hashtag ever. I need a vodka. #Marissa #OC4Ever

You are meaner than Caleb Nichol, Conference of Defence Associations Institute.

@JJSokolsky: Who are we comparing ourselves to & found wanting? Let's not start from position of apology #TheOC2016

Here's a better picture.

Take note, CDA Institute.
CDA Institute / BuzzFeed Canada

Take note, CDA Institute.

“We need to foster an informed and dynamic conversation on Canadian defence.” —MND Sajjan #TheOC2016

K but what about Seth and Summer?

BRB, going to watch season one and weep forever.

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