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    24 Home Products From Amazon That Are As Practical As They Are Gorgeous

    *Adds everything to cart*.

    1. A three-piece farmhouse style kitchen canister set because it's about time you make your boxes of tea and bags of coffee beans look just as good as they taste.

    the canister set

    2. An open storage shoe rack to stop everyone from falling over the rogue shoes in the entryway. It's super narrow so it's great for tiny apartments and isn't a boring eyesore like other basic shoe racks.

    3. A reed oil perfume diffuser that's the easiest way to freshen up your space. And just look how beautiful it is!!!!

    The reed oil diffuser

    4. A pair of mason jar wall sconces for amping up your otherwise plain white walls. Plus, you can tell everyone that you're a DIY queen and that you made them yourself. I won't tell if you don't.

    5. A pack of peel-and-stick tile backsplash because everyone knows that peel-and-stick backsplashes are the holy grail for renters.

    6. A ceramic kitchen utensil holder so you can finally give all of your utensils a home. No more rummaging around that one catch-all drawer for your favorite spatula.

    The utensil holder on a reviewer's kitchen counter

    7. A set of outdoor string lights to turn your yard into an ethereal paradise that you won't want to leave. Is it just me or do string lights make everything so much better?

    8. A wicker papasan swivel chair that's made for curling up in. It looks like the perfect reading chair to me, but I also won't blame you if you took a nap in it.

    9. A three-tier tabletop fountain because who said you can only feel ~zen~ on a visit to the spa? Chuck on a robe and play some relaxing music and your home IS a spa.

    The water fountain

    10. A stainless steel stick-on shower caddy for when you realize you should probably invest in a decent shower caddy instead of piling up all of your products on the shower floor. It's just a disaster waiting to happen.

    The shower caddy in black on a reviewer's bathroom wall

    11. A fruit infusion water pitcher to take your at-home hydration game to the next level. You can add all of your favorite fruity combos for a delicious beverage that may just curb your Diet Coke addiction.

    12. A five-tier bookshelf because if you're anything like me, your TBR pile will be totally out of control and you need somewhere to organize your 435 unread books.

    The bookshelf

    13. A set of three silicone trivet mats to protect your surfaces from burn marks and scratches. They're also giving chic European decor vibes which is something that I, for one, am totally here for.

    The trivets in dark blue on a reviewer's countertop

    14. A cotton ruffled shower curtain so you can bring a touch of shabby chic ~elegance~ to your shower routine. It looks great *and* there will be no more wet floors.

    the shower curtain in a reviewer's bathroom

    15. A wood-topped kitchen cart for those who are desperately craving some more counter space. Plus, you can wheel it wherever you need it to be!

    16. A three-tier hanging basket that might actually entice you to reach for a piece of fruit every now and again. I kid you not, I used to use an old dishwashing tub as my fruit bowl and it wasn't the most appetizing way to display your apples and bananas.

    17. An electric adjustable height standing desk because if you're still working from home (read: your bed) it's about time you get an actual desk. Plus, you can place a walking pad underneath this game-changing desk, meaning you can get your steps in while sending your emails.

    18. A roll of waterproof stick-on marble countertop contact paper to trick everyone into thinking you've spent a small fortune on some super sleek countertops but you've actually spent less than $10 on this HGTV-worthy makeover.

    19. An 11-drawer, clear countertop makeup organizer that will save you *so* much counter space. Plus, you can easily see what's what and you won't have to dig around for 25 minutes trying to find your favorite mascara.

    20. A dining room cupboard with two cabinets and room for nine wine bottles. It's so stylish and versatile that you can use it to store your tableware or as a bar cart.

    The cabinet

    21. A one-gallon glass beverage dispenser with a stainless steel spigot. From freshly squeezed lemonade to a sangria, it's perfect for serving up all of your favorite beverages.

    Reviewer's picture of the large mason jar-like dispenser

    22. A farmhouse-style striped table runner to make every single mealtime an extra special occasion.

    23. A metal and glass floor lamp that will not only bring light into your space, but it'll also serve as an extra storage solution thanks to its built-in tabletop. Genius!

    24. And a two-piece waterproof nonslip kitchen rug set so you can keep your toes cozy and you don't have to worry about slipping and sliding if you spill anything during your dish-washing sessions.

    The matts in a reviewer's kitchen

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