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Everything You Need To Know About That Bathing Suit That Is All Over Insta

Who is behind the girl in the red bathing suit?

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If you've opened Instagram at all today, chances are you've seen this photo of a girl in a red bathing suit. If you scrolled through your feed you probably saw the image over and over again.

So what's the deal? It turns out Sunny Co Clothing Company, a California clothing company started by two college students, started this campaign to bring some more attention to their brand. That's right, I said COLLEGE STUDENTS. The two boys who started this business definitely got a lot more than they bargained for with this post, which promises a free swim suit (excluding shipping costs) to whoever reposts their photo and tags their brand.

The post has been liked by almost 300,000 people and reposted by more than triple that. The swimsuit in question retails for $64.99 and shipping costs about $8, which is a pretty great deal, as evidenced by the droves of people who took them up on the bargain. Also, the company donates $1 of every purchase to Alzheimer's research.

People are pretty skeptical that the company can actually pull off giving away so many suits. Do they have the inventory? Can they afford this? How can they donate that much money? Only time will tell. For now, sit back, relax and try not to get too frustrated scrolling through your Instagram feed.

Of course, Twitter has a lot to say about this PR stunt.

Every girl this summer in their Sunny Co Clothing suit

Sunny Co Clothing's marketing team today:

Trying to figure out how Sunny Co Clothing will award 500,000 free swimsuits, and donate $500,000 to Alzheimer's an…

Me when I show up to the pool this summer after not reposting sunny co clothing

The owner of sunny co clothing when he realizes his picture was posted 1.6 million times

Not many people have much faith in Sunny Co at the moment, but anything can happen - maybe the company will pull through. We'll find out tomorrow, when the giveaway officially ends.

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