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    31 Small Products From Walmart That’ll Make Your Kitchen Look So Much Better

    Small but mighty improvements.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed collects a share of sales and/or other compensation from the links on this page. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A set of three spoon rests so you will stop staining your kitchen countertop with marinara sauce. Each one is a different design so you can choose your fave for the day. Nothing will perk up Monday mealtimes like a spoon rest with a motivational quote.

    set of three spoon rests with a lemon print, diamond print, and thankful quote

    2. A pack of vinyl peel-and-stick backsplash tiles to finally give you the kitchen of your dreams without the price tag. Bonus: They'll also conveniently cover up years of scuff marks and grease stains.

    Rustic tiles on kitchen backsplash

    3. A pretty pink 2-quart enameled Dutch oven because everything tastes better when it's shaped like a heart. It's got sturdy handles and a heart-shaped knob for ease, and you can cook everything from casseroles to brownies.

    Pink heart shaped dutch oven at a birds eye view

    4. A floral spice rack that really puts the ✨spice✨ in spice rack. In addition to its vibrant, whimsical design, it comes with six jars that'll keep your seasonings super fresh. It can even be used to organize small items around the house, like paper clips and thumbtacks!

    Floral spice rack with ceramic jars

    5. A rolling pin that you'll *actually* want to display on your countertop instead of shoving into the back of your pantry and forgetting you even own a rolling pin. It's got rubber handles for maximum control and the rubberwood barrel can withstand even the biggest baking disaster.

    Rolling pin with blue handles

    6. A sheet of marble-patterned contact paper to take your kitchen shelves from drab to fab. It's easy to apply and remove, making it a great DIY product for renters.

    Arm applying marble contact paper to wooden shelf

    7. A set of kitchen towels to make drying the dishes a little more stylish. Soft to touch and with a bright blue hue, they also add some always-welcomed color to the kitchen.

    Aqua blue kitchen towels

    8. A fan-favorite slow cooker that sells out time and time again. There are three heat settings and it's so simple to cook delicious warming meals without having to stand over a stove for hours after a long work day. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it's absolutely adorable!

    sage green slow cooker with chili inside

    9. A stylish immersion blender kit for mixing, whisking, chopping, puréeing, and more. It has an extra long cord for easy movement around the space and the sleek design looks 10/10 in any kitchen.

    a hand using the immersion blender to make a smoothie

    10. A knife block because who else is sick of getting their bread knife jammed in the silverware drawer and ends up having to attempt to slice their sourdough with a butter knife? This block comes with 12 stainless steel knives that have forged handles for a comfortable grip and full control.

    the knife block on a table with vegetables

    11. A stoneware measuring spoon and cup set so you can get your recipes *just* right. Caution: The floral designs and ruffled edges are so cute that you might never want to actually use them.

    the multicolored and floral measuring spoons and cups

    12. A butter dish and salt and pepper shaker set to add a bit of pizazz to your dining table. Made from embossed glass, they're not only gorgeous and antique-looking (minus the antique price), they're dishwasher safe!

    Butter and salt and pepper dish

    13. A set of four white ceramic mixing bowls because nothing says "I've got my life together" like matching dishware. Use these for prepping, whipping and serving up your fave dishes in a simple, timeless style.

    mixing bowls in use on marble countertop

    14. A revolving food server so there's no more yelling over the table when you fancy some more mashed potatoes. Plus, the floral design will bring a splash of color and some cottagecore whimsy to your tablescape.

    the floral turntable with mason jars on top

    15. A set of rustic gingham-print mugs that'll amp up the country charm in your farmhouse-chic kitchen. Each one has a different design and reviewers rave about the sturdy handles and generous size.

    Gingham print cups

    16. An adorable little egg cooker that seems like a single-function appliance but doesn't just cook eggs. As well as boiling, poaching, and scrambling your eggs, you can also use it to steam dumplings and vegetables. *Chef's kiss!*

    17. A gorgeous ornate dinnerware set because matching plates make everything taste better (don't ask me why, I don't make the rules). Its scalloped edges and intricate embossed details make this set look like it's fit for a palace.

    Lace dinnerware set in teal colorway

    18. A tier and valance set to instantly turn your space into the cottagecore kitchen that dreams are made of. This lovely window decor looks like it belongs on a Pinterest board.

    floral and gingham tier and valance set

    19. An expandable organizer for your pots and pans so you can say goodbye to lost lids forever and to all that abrasive clinging and clanging every time you cook. Ahhh, peace at last.

    wire pan organizer in cupboard

    20. A charming acacia cookbook holder so you no longer have to hold your recipe book open with a bag of flour or worry about splashing sauce and ingredients all over it when it's splayed on the counter. Plus, the fact that it's elevated means it'll free up prep precious space and be much easier to read as you whirl about the kitchen.

    blue cookbook holder

    21. A pair of glass storage jars with customizable chalkboard labels (chalk included) that will keep your favorite sweet treats fresh and lookin' good. More importantly, you can easily see when it's time to restock the chocolate chip cookies.

    Storage jars on a counter with walnuts and cookies inside them

    22. A simple but practical mug tree so you can free up cabinet space, proudly display your prized mug collection on your worktop, and say adieu to digging in the back of the cupboard to find your favorite one. Bonus points if it's a novelty mug.

    Silver mug tree on a countertop

    23. A pack of reusable and biodegradable dish cloths that will become your go-to. They're SUPER absorbent, easy to clean (just throw them in the washing machine), and will help you seriously cut back on your paper towel usage since each cloth can be used up to 200 times!

    24. A set of rustic-style hanging letters to remind you about the best part of cooking: eating. You can arrange them to say "EAT" or if hot beverages are more your thing, "TEA."

    the eat sign hanging in a kitchen

    25. A two-tier fruit and vegetable basket that will help you stop forgetting about the apples and bell peppers shoved in the back of the fridge. Out of fruit and veg? Well, you can use it to store your cans and food packets too! We love a multi-use product.

    the black basket with fruits and vegetables in it

    26. A kitchen mat and runner set that will protect your floors from the tidal waves that appear every time you do the dishes. They have non-slip backs so they stay in place and when you're ready to clean them, simply throw them in the washing machine.

    Kitchen mats in gray

    27. A vintage-style utensil holder that will get your most-used utensils out of the drawer and give them the attention they deserve.

    white utensil holder

    28. A rose gold trash can because whoever said that garbage can't look good? It'll add a metallic sheen to your kitchen and the step-open lid means no dirty hands.

    rose gold kitchen trash can

    29. A linen tablecloth that will jazz up even the most boring and banged-up kitchen tables. It will instantly add some extra visual interest to the space, is timeless and neutral, and make post-dinner cleanup much easier!

    linen tablecloth on table

    30. A chic wine rack for your countertop that holds up to six bottles and four glasses, so you can always have enough red, white, and rosé on hand for any occasion (even if that "occasion" is just the fact that it's Monday).

    wine rack on kitchen counter

    31. And a two-tier dish drying rack so you can easily drain your flatware, mugs, dishes, and pans without taking up all of your counter space.

    two tier dish rack

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