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What You Need To Know About The Women’s March Website, Explained In Gifs

After this years election, women everywhere have taken a stand against women inequality. One group has dominated both social media and marches everywhere. Read about just how the Women's March has become so successful online.

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The Beginning of a New Presidency, The End of Social Injustice

Thanks to good ol’ Donald Trump and the 2016 Election, women everywhere are starting to show their support for their support for feminism. From sharing an article on Facebook, to participating in marches around the country, both women and men are standing up for women’s rights. So what is feminism? And what does the Women’s March have to do with it? Through the clever use of gifs, Buzzfeed will tell you all you need to know about this year's hottest social justice group.

So What is Feminism?

A long, long time ago, men suddenly decided they were better than women. Using absolutely no scientific evidence, women were proven to be of lesser value, and those standards still somehow are still around in the 21st Century. Shocking, I know. After women started realizing there was absolutely nothing that separates a man from a woman, besides basic human anatomy, the Feminist movement was born. Although it’s always been here, feminism recently found a new spark in modern culture after Donald Trump became our President (still not sure how it happened). After videos of him bragging about sexual assault leaked online, many women found it necessary to tell Mr. Trump exactly how his treatment towards women made them feel.

The Women's March Comes To Save the Day

After the election of The Donald, many wanted to remind Trump the importance equality of the sexes is to pretty much everyone, everywhere. The day after the inauguration, women all over the world marched not only for awareness towards women equality, but for immigrant reform, LGBTQ rights, and any other groups suffering oppression. With signs in hand, men, women, and children used their voices to remind Trump women won’t stay quiet on their rights being taken away, and will march to prove it.

The March on Washington website, in all its glory.

The March on Washington website, in all its glory.

THE Website of The Year

The Women's March has successfully created a website that is not only easily accessible, but highly approachable and manageable. With their word choice, they are able to include every race, gender, age, or orientation in their movement Using informal diction such as "us", "we", and "our" makes the website feel as though it’s run by your next door neighbor, not someone you don’t know who has nothing in common with you. This draws in not only adults, but a younger demographic. Appealing to all people increases participation in the movement, thus increasing their credibility.

Just on their homepage, words like "our" and "we" allow the movement to feel more at home with their audience.

Just on their homepage, words like "our" and "we" allow the movement to feel more at home with their audience.

How To Get Teens on Board

On the bottom of every page on the website is the link to all the major social media sites (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all you adults wondering). With their use of social media, the Women’s March is able to reach young users, who can reach other young users by reposting and retweeting. This increases their turnout and also allows them to reach places other than one single target, thus spreading their message to places all over the world, not just around the neighborhood.

On every page is a chance to share the movement with every friend and follower you have.

On every page is a chance to share the movement with every friend and follower you have.

The Women's March Website is *FLAWLESS*

The Women’s March website is a perfect example of the new role the internet and social media has when it comes to justice. With its abundance of information and inclusive theme, the website has successfully motivated millions of people around the world to stand up for a single cause, and has no plan on stopping. The internet is the new place to be for feminist social justice work, just ask the Women’s March, because they know what they’re doing.

Comments? Questions? Type below what you think of the Women's March Website and how well you think they handle the world wide web and social justice.

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