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    17 Useful Products To Help You Save Space In Your Home

    Practical solutions for itty bitty living spaces.


    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. Skip a clunky coat rack and use this pretty over-the-door hanger instead.

    These hooks are way prettier and will take up way less space. They're also cheaper too at £7.48.

    2. Stop brushes and mops from falling over or cluttering up a cupboard with this wall rack.

    You can paint it to fit in with your kitchen decor. Get it for £8.

    3. Make the most of your space by using over an over-the-door organiser to keep things in.

    This one can be used everywhere from the bathroom to the kitchen and also looks lovely too. Get it for £19.98.

    4. Organise your shoe collection with this hanging shoe holder.

    Skip a shoe rack taking up space in your hallway and keep your shoes behind a door instead. Get it for £11.32. There's also a cheaper version here for £7.04.

    5. Make use of all available space with these under-bed drawers.

    Get the one to the left for £39, and the one on the right for £6.

    6. Keep your pot lids out of sight but where you can easily reach them with this handy organiser.

    Get it here for £11.99.

    7. Install corner shelves to turn a little nook into extra storage space.

    Get the floating shelves above for £11.99 or get a standing corner bookshelf for £21.89.

    8. Keep valuable floor space clear with this hanging rubbish bin.

    Get the one above for £12.95, or a closed one (for use in the kitchen) for £28.88.

    9. Hang as many shower caddies as you want in your bathroom with adhesive hooks.

    Find out more about how to do this here. You can get adhesive hooks at John Lewis for £4.

    10. Use extra shower hooks as a handy towel rack if you don't have one.

    Get an extra pack for £7.39.

    11. Install shelves over your doors to use up wasted space.

    Learn how to DIY it yourself or buy these shelves from Ikea for £29.

    12. Fill skinny spaces by your fridge and sink with slide out storage racks.

    Get it for £15.99.

    13. Keep your counter space clear with slip-on paper towel holders.

    Get them for £4.75.

    14. Always optimise your mug storage with add-on shelves and hanging hooks.

    Get the stacking shelves for £9.95 and the under-shelf hooks for £8.29 – which btw can also be adjusted to hold wine glasses and utensils.

    15. Get a coffee table that you can put things in, or buy a storage unit that you can disguise as a coffee table..

    The one above is available for £40.

    16. Use a roll-up drying rack that sits over your sink to save space.

    Get it for £8.85.

    17. Tidy your makeup and prevent clutter with acrylic boxes or a makeup holder.,

    You can read more about how to store your makeup here. The acrylic boxes above come from Muji and are available in a range of prices. The rotating makeup holder on the left is £19.99.