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    27 Essential Items Every Unicorn Lover Needs

    Simply magical.

    Rebecca Hendin / Buzzfeed

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    1. These bling AF paperclips.

    2. This sparkling clutch bag.

    3. These divine tights.

    4. This magical gin.

    5. This pun-tastic notebook.

    6. This dainty little ring.

    7. This delicate golden necklace.

    8. This whimsical water bottle.

    9. This excellent excuse.

    10. These sparkly socks.

    11. These smashing sunglasses.

    12. This cute cookie cutter.

    13. These surprisingly delectable lip balms.

    14. These adorable pins.

    15. This completely necessary backpack.

    16. This inspiring makeup bag.

    17. These delightful hair clips.

    18. This adorable phone case.

    19. This glorious coin purse.

    20. This truth-telling mug.

    21. These unicorn-speckled pyjamas.

    22. These lovely temporary tattoos.

    23. This majestic jewellery holder.

    24. This kitsch-in-a-good-way brooch.

    25. This portable charger.

    26. This darling pouch.

    27. This inspiring tote bag.