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    If You Live In A City Trust Me, You Absolutely Need These 22 Things

    Get a good night's rest, even in cities that never sleep.

    1. Cities are great in many ways, but one of the less pleasant side-effects? Pollution. Combat the effect on your skin with this anti-pollution serum that uses raw cocoa extract and vitamin D to replenish skin.

    2. This aromatic candle has a scent designed to promote tranquility, which is just the thing you need at home after a hectic day out in the hustle and bustle.

    3. Take a little aromatherapy magic with you when you're out too, with this set of pocket-sized therapy balms.

    4. This affordable smart backpack is an essential for busy commuters. It fits a laptop and has a built-in USB charger so you won't have to run out of battery on the tube.

    5. Keep the bright lights of the city out of your bedroom with this blackout curtain that has an easy no-drill installation.

    6. But if any light does sneak through, this 100% blackout eye mask guarantees it won't risk bothering your sleeping peepers.

    7. City sounds are also less than ideal when you want to sleep, but this white noise machine will make sure you get a full night's shut eye thanks to its 24 natural sounds.

    8. Or these soft silicone ear plugs that noise cancel up to 27 decibels will make sure you can sleep in total silence .

    9. Easily reach your cards when you need to tap in and out of public transport or pay for your morning coffee with this smart pop-up wallet!! It has RFID blocking technology to stop thieves from stealing your data.

    10. Or keep your phone, cards, and cash in one place with this stick-on phone wallet. It's made out of a stretchy material to firmly hold all your valuables together!

    11. Protect your skin from both UV rays and city pollution with this brilliant and non-greasy SPF 50 cream.

    12. What's a chic city apartment without a wall-mounted wine rack that looks elegant and saves counter space? Nothing, I tell you, nothing.

    13. Ditto this refillable travel cup, because no self-respecting city slicker should be without their eco-friendly, spill-proof permanent coffee cup.

    14. This slow cooker is a godsend for people with limited space and time for cooking. Just fill it with ingredients, set it going in the morning, and arrive back from work to find a delicious meal waiting for you.

    15. It's not just skin that suffers from pollution. This shampoo stimulates and soothes the scalp and uses a polysaccharide matrix to form a barrier between your hair and the grime of the city.

    16. And this protective conditioner draws out pollutants from the hair without stripping it.

    17. Or for real SOS cases, this hair mask uses an intensely moisturising mix of carrot oil and coconut milk to protect against sun, smog, and pollution.

    18. This portable charger is amazing for long commutes or days when you’ve left the office for after-work drinks and not realised your phone is dying.

    19. Keep pollutants out of your home with this air purifier that's ultra quiet and can be filled with essential oils (so it'll make your home smell amazing too!).

    20. This heated foot massager is ideal for tired feet that have had a long day traipsing over cobbles.

    21. Wash off all the city dust at the end of the day with this charcoal-enriched foaming cleanser. It's detoxifying, so will deeply clean and draw out any impurities you might have picked up.

    22. And this gorgeous CC cream has been specially formulated for city living. It gives light coverage, protects skin from pollutants, and has SPF 15.