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    22 Things Worth Buying If You're Always Struggling With Aches And Pains

    A post for all my fellow hunched-over desk gremlins.

    1. This hot and cold gel pack for jaws is a godsend for anyone who struggles with jaw tension, toothache, or grinding their teeth at night.

    2. If you’re a side sleeper like me (and can't manage to drop off any other way) this memory foam pillow helps you get better spinal alignment, relieving back, hip, knee, or sciatica pain!

    3. This neck and shoulder massager is like having a personal masseuse at home. It uses shiatsu techniques, is ~heated~, and has arm holes so you can adjust the pressure.

    4. This magical menthol, clove, and cinnamon-infused balm relieves all kinds of problems, including car sickness, bug bites, headaches, and muscle pain.

    5. This acupressure mat uses tiny plastic points to stimulate your body's pressure points. The result? Relaxed muscles and increased blood circulation to promote healing.

    6. Relieve tired, aching eyes (and alleviate migraines) with this compress that can be heated up or chilled depending on your preference.

    7. This large electric heat pad is soft and flexible so you can snuggle it up against any part of you that needs a bit of heat therapy.

    8. Or if you know where your problem areas are (neck and shoulders), this electric heat pad is expressly designed to drape over your shoulders perfectly.

    9. While these stick-on heat patches deliver instant heat whenever you want it and are great for on-the-go pain relief.

    10. Target sore muscles with this massage roller stick. It's excellent for after workouts, but also works a treat on stiff limbs after you've slept funny.

    11. Coccyx pain from hard desk chairs is, quite literally, a bummer (sorry), but this doughnut cushion will take the pressure off. As well as saving your tailbone, it helps with lower back pain and posture problems.

    12. For really persistent aches, this cordless, rechargeable percussion massager is both heated and powerful enough to get out deep knots.

    13. While tired toes and aching arches will love this large wooden roller that uses acupressure nubs to treat feet.

    14. Neck stiffness and shoulder tension are the worst, but this relaxer is here to sort that out by stretching out your neck into its proper alignment and relaxing all your neck muscles while doing it.

    15. Sometimes you just need instant results, and this fast-acting pain relief gel uses cold therapy to immediately soothe back ache, sore joints, and even arthritis.

    16. Give any dodgy knees the support they need with this brace. It has a gel pad and side spring stabilisers that are medically engineered to relieve arthritis, joint pain, and runner's knee.

    17. Much like Virginia Woolf I know of few things a hot bath can't cure, especially when you add in a few handfuls of muscle relaxing Epsom salts.

    18. Or if you prefer bubbles, this foaming bath gel is infused with stimulating black pepper and ginseng to help reinvigorate tired muscles as you soak.

    19. Help prevent back aches in the first place with this posture corrector that works as both lumbar support on an office chair and a back stretcher.

    20. This ice roller is amazing to keep in the fridge or freezer and will give instant cooling relief (and massage pressure) anywhere you want it, from congested sinuses to throbbing temples.

    21. Wave goodbye to wrist strain (with your newly pain-free wrists) thanks to this ergonomic support pad. It has an anti-slip base so won't slide around on your desk either!

    22. Not only are these compression socks ~a treat~ on airplanes, they generally help to relieve fatigue and swelling in the legs and feet anytime you choose to wear them.