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    19 Things You Need If You're Low-Key But Also Extra AF

    Subtle sparkle.

    Rebecca Hendin / BuzzFeed

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    1. This chill pill phone case.

    Chill pills on the outside, glitter on the inside. By Casetify, £37.

    2. This hidden emoji message notebook.

    Bomb + shell = you. By Sloane Stationery, £14.99.

    3. This delightful jewellery holder.

    By Lindsey Decor, £10.17.

    4. This scented eye mask.

    Beautifully tasteful. Great for ignoring everyone in style. By Aromatherapy Associates, £50.

    5. These smooth shades.

    By Asos, £10.

    6. These touch of sparkle earrings.

    By Waterwaif, £8.48.

    7. This pocket mirror.

    8. This tastefully hot pink bangle.

    9. These gold wall decals.

    Add a little midas touch wherever you want. By Kenna Sato Designs, £24.58.

    10. This make-up brush holder.

    11. This low-key Miss Piggy necklace.

    A subtle tribute to an icon. By Kate Spade, £70.

    12. This pretty pen.

    By Ohh Deer, £5.95.

    13. This sleek scarf.

    Beautifully refined in black and perfect for flicking dramatically over your shoulder. By Asos, £6.

    14. This elegant yet sassy candle.

    15. These dual-sided earrings.

    Either have the white flowers facing front for a subtler look, or switch them round for some bold orange accessorising. By Kate Spade, £40.

    16. This you AF phone case.

    17. This up-for-interpretation mug.

    *Sips tea*. By Beholden Prints, £15.26.

    18. This tastefully monochrome message.

    19. This low-key nod to your fave emoji.