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    Can You Make It Through This '90s Post Without Buying Anything?

    Fresh 2 death.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. These embroidered berets that are ready for their cameo on Clueless now thanks.

    2. These scented gel pens to pimp your stationery collection with.

    3. These distressed boyfriend jeans that are sized according to your exact measurements.

    4. This cassette phone case that is just 2 cute.

    5. These mixtape studs that are totally bangin'.

    6. This oversized sweatshirt that is reppin' the 90's arcade aesthetic.

    7. This pin for X-Files fans.

    8. This pretty-in-pink eyelash curler that you know Cher would have owned.

    9. This crotchet cover for your Tamagotchi.

    10. This crop tee that reps the best girl group of all time.

    11. This seeing eye cross body bag with a slogan that is very good.

    12. These ultra cute chokers that are cheap enough to buy more than one.

    13. These oval sunglasses that would do any grunge kid proud.

    14. This pink, fluffy MTV makeup bag because it was the coolest channel of the decade.

    15. This roll sleeve tee that pays homage to your one true love.

    16. This Furby backpack that has will remind you of the iconic 90s toy minus the irritation.

    17. This Pikachu-themed Gameboy Colour that comes with everyone's favourite game.

    18. These troll key rings that will remind you of your childhood while still being functional.

    19. These pin back buttons to rep the best artists OF ALL TIME.

    20. This literal dream phone case that has sparkles and neon writing and all things good on it.

    21. These Nike sliders that are both comfy and fresh 2 death.

    22. These perfect rings that are only two quid a pop!