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    If You're Obsessed With Home Fragrance, You're Going To Struggle Not To Buy These 21 Things

    Make your house smell like a luxury spa.

    1. If you in any way like a nice smelling home, you need to get yourself this diffuser. It pumps out a humidifying, incredible-smelling mist, and has a wood exterior that feels so spa-like.

    2. Or, this essential oil diffuser looks like a chic glass vase with its light off, or lights up to show a stunning fireworks-like design.

    3. Never be stuck on what scent to put in your diffuser with this comprehensive set of high quality essential oils.

    4. Not only is this large candle a great price for the size, it looks super sophisticated and will fill any room you put it in with the warm and cosy scent of vanilla and tobacco leaf.

    5. Reed diffusers look fancy and keep rooms smelling nice all the time without you having to light a candle or switch anything on. This one smells like fresh and breezy cotton and wildflowers!

    6. While this diffuser smells like a lush bouquet of flowers and comes with a beautiful faux arrangement so you can make it look like a vase!

    7. You can also make your own diffuser out of any old bottles you have knocking around with these black fibre diffuser sticks.

    8. And you can fill your handmade diffuser with these scent refills! They come in multiple different fragrance options, from fruity black cherry to fresh cut peonies.

    9. Or this diffuser refill is made in the Lake District and smells like freshly laundered sheets that have come straight from the tumble dryer.

    10. Enhance the scent experience in your home with this amazingly fragrant hand wash. It's got a calming Moroccan blush rose, lime, and black pepper scent and the packaging is made from 100% recycled plastic!

    11. Why just rely on candles and diffusers to add scent to your house when you can make your fabrics smell amazing too. This room spray doubles up as a long-lasting linen spray.

    12. If you need a hit of instant fragrance, this room spray comes in a range of sophisticated scents inspired by Scotland and in a sleek glass bottle that'll make you proud to display it.

    13. Another key part of a good-smelling house? Not letting any, uh, less than fragrant smells creep in. This bottle of watercloset droplets uses a blend of essential oils to mask any unwanted toilet smells.

    14. This huge collection of super premium incense will mean you'll never be short of options when you want a more bohemian vibe.

    15. You can display your incense sticks in this ash catching holder that will keep your counters safe from mess and look good while doing it.

    16. This rhubarb anti-bac spray will make your house smell like a fruity paradise after you've cleaned, and not like harsh disinfectant.

    17. Ditto this floral disinfectant. It kills up 99% of bacteria and viruses, can be used neat or diluted into a spray, and uses a fragrance crafted by an expert perfumer.

    18. Sometimes simple and nostalgic scents are the best ones, as proved by this huge candle that smells like sun-dried cotton.

    19. But if it's choice you're after, this set of smaller candles includes scents like lemon ginger cake, beach holiday, sage, and vanilla ice cream.

    20. Put this tub of scented beads in any areas where candles aren't appropriate, like laundry rooms, lockers, or anywhere that's too close to fabric. It smells like juicy citrus, delicate florals, and warm vanilla, and lasts for up to 45 days!

    21. This stunning ceramic incense burner elevates the incense it comes with into a full experience, as you can watch its smoke flow like a waterfall through it.