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    29 Perfect Gifts For Ginthusiasts

    Gin glorious gin!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. "This Might Be Gin" Mug, £9.65

    Etsy / Via

    There's no "might" about it.

    2. Gin Crackers, £47.95

    Master of Malt / Via

    Pimp your Christmas cracker game.

    3. Copa Glasses, £3.86

    Amazon / Via

    The proper way to drink your G&T is in a big Copa glass. It just makes it look so fancy.

    4. Gym Gin Water Bottle, £13

    Etsy / Via

    I know what you really said, I just know what I'd prefer. And also there's gin in here.

    5. Gin Hot Water Bottle, £24

    Not On The High Street / Via

    Snuggle up with this and a warm glass of hot gin. Oh you thought I was going to say hot chocolate? No. Gin.

    6. G&T Board, £45

    Not On The High Street / Via

    For all the important kitchen tasks, like chopping lemons and smacking mint.

    7. Ginvent Calendar, £135

    Harvey Nichols / Via

    The best and most fantastical advent calendar you will ever own.

    8. Gin and Tonic Tote Bag, £13.95

    Etsy / Via

    To carry your emergency gin in.

    9. Gin Palace Extravaganza, £65

    Sipsmith / Via

    Held at the Sipsmith Distillery, there is no greater event name than "Gin Palace Extravaganza". Includes a tour of the distillery (with G&Ts of course), a talk on the history of gin and a "tip top 3 course botanical gastronomica" (translation: gin-themed meal), with a tutored tasting at the Princess Victoria. Plus gin to take home with you. Extravaganza indeed.

    10. Gin & Tonic Necklace, £10

    Etsy / Via

    Gin-ccessories are the best accessories.

    11. Gin & Tonic Bathing Gel, £8.95

    Handpicked Collection / Via

    Oh the bubbles the bubbles the bubbles.

    12. Gin Of The Month Membership Subscription, £52.50

    Not On The High Street / Via

    A different gin every month, this is a great way to taste some beautiful small-batch craft gins. Because there's so much more out there than Gordon's.

    13. Gin & Tonic Popcorn, £4

    Joe & Sephs / Via

    Proof that G&T flavour literally goes with EVERYTHING.

    14. Gin Buddies Keyring, £12

    Not On The High Street / Via

    For the drinking partner in your life.

    15. Chocolate and Gin Collection, £20

    Hotel Chocolat / Via

    Gin-infused chocolate + gin. Basically all the best things in life wrapped up in a box.

    16. Gin Tea Cup and Saucer, £35

    Not On The High Street / Via

    Gin time is just as legitimate as tea time.

    17. The Bitter Truth Travellers Set, £18.95

    Facebook / Via Facebook: The

    For all your on-the-go gin-based cocktails.

    18. Botanicals For Gin & Tonic Set, £39.95

    Harvey Nichols / Via

    A selection of 10 botanicals to garnish with, so your G&T will be the fanciest in all the land.

    19. Gin and Elderflower Lollipops, £7.50

    Not On The High Street / Via

    These are alcoholic so oops none for you small children. All for me.

    20. Juniper Sling Eau De Toilette, £115

    Penhaligons / Via

    Don't worry, this won't make you smell like you fell in a vat of gin. Based on London dry gin, this is a crisp, spicy mix of fresh juniper berries, angelica, brandy, black leather, cardamom and amber. Beautiful without being too boozy.

    21. "Gin O'Clock" Clock, £45.50

    Not On The High Street / Via

    It's Gin O'Clock SOMEWHERE in the world.

    22. Gin Glorious Gin, £6.29

    This book charts the history of gin from the time of mother's ruin to the meteoric rise of gin in the last few years, in a lovely, accessible way. It's like reading a book by a friend who just happens to know a shit-ton about gin.

    23. A Gin Journey, £60

    Shake Rattle and Stir / Via

    The "leading light in UK gin tours", if you really want to get involved in the gin renaissance, this is the way to do it.

    24. Sloe Gin Butter, £3.95

    Fortnum & Mason / Via

    Butter + sloe gin = THE ULTIMATE CHRISTMAS SPREAD.

    25. Gin & Tonic Lip Balm, £3.25

    Not On The High Street / Via

    G&T kisses under the mistletoe!

    26. Blueberry and Gin Marshmallows, £6

    The Marshmallowist / Via

    Fluffy boozy bites of gin-soaked love. Get inside me now.

    27. "Will Flirt For Gin" Travel Card Holder, £2.99

    Etsy / Via

    It's funny because it's true.

    28. Bloom Candle Gift Pack, £49.50

    Harvey Nichols / Via

    Gin inspired by a country garden and a candle that will surround you with the smell of honeysuckle and chamomile (two notes in the gin). Full sensory gin-sperience.

    29. "Full Of Christmas Spirit" Jumper, £29

    Etsy / Via

    And by spirit, I mean gin. I'm full of gin.