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    21 Fashion Pieces That Will Help You Nail Summer Layering

    Stay unbothered by the UK weather with these simple, stylish items.

    1. This lovely fleece hoodie is perfect for snuggling up in if the weather turns chilly in the evening (or during the day).

    2. This pack of camisole tops are excellent summer basics. Wear them on their own on scorching hot days, under shirts and jumpers when it's colder, or throw on a looser top if needed on temperamental days.

    3. This dress looks brilliantly summery on its own with trainers or heels, but looks just as nice with tights and boots. It also comes in black which is even more versatile.

    4. Pair it with this cute sunhat that protects your parting and face from UV rays, is adjustable, and folds down so it can be carried easily in your bag or suitcase.

    5. This raincoat is foolproof when summer showers hit. It's completely waterproof, has a big hood to keep your hair safe from droplets, folds down into a light package, and is tear resistant.

    6. Or this sturdy raincoat keeps you dry in summer rain without feeling sweaty inside, thanks to its breathable 100% cotton lining.

    7. These seamless shorts can be worn easily under outfits, help to stop chafing in summer, and double up as safety shorts under skirts and dresses.

    8. This loose top is super flattering, easily fits over vests and T-shirts, and comes in loads of different colours!

    9. This relaxed-fit cardigan is soft, stretchy, and cosy. It's ideal for extra warmth in summer or for transitioning to autumn.

    10. This jumpsuit is made for layering. It can be worn with a crop top or T-shirt in summer, but looks just as good under a baggy jumper or with a coat thrown on top.

    11. These lovely shorts have a summery woven look, are elasticated (so easy to pull on and off in hot, sticky weather), and have pockets.

    12. These leggings are made out of a breathable bamboo fabric that helps regulate your body temperature, making them great for workouts (or lazier days) whatever the season.

    13. This scoop-neck top is made out of the same temperature regulating bamboo fabric and is fab to use as a base layer.

    14. This long and loose V-neck blouse looks as nice on the beach as it does tucked into trousers for lunch with the girls.

    15. These cropped trousers come in a huge range of colours and go with just about everything. They can be smartened up for a professional look but will add a pop of colour to more casual outfits too!

    16. This chic blazer is a must-have addition to any summer wardrobe, giving warmth without being as heavy as a coat (and helping to smarten up any outfit when needed).

    17. Ditto this denim jacket. It's got a cool oversized fit, is made out of a warm fabric that isn't too toasty, and has four pockets for keeping things in.

    18. This long-sleeved turtleneck is an essential layering item – it'll look fantastic on its own or under a jumper or jacket.

    19. If it gets a bit breezy, these 20 denier tights help keep your legs warm without ruining your summer look. They have invisible reinforced toes and built-in shaping technology.

    20. No one wants to carry a bulky coat with them when it's warm in case the weather turns – this quilted parka keeps you toasty but packs down into a pouch for ultra easy carrying.

    21. These trousers have an elastic waist for extra comfort, are made out of lightweight cotton, and look as good with a simple T-shirt as they do with a jumper or summer jacket.