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    If One Of These 23 Items Under £5 Doesn't Make You Smile, I Honestly Don't Know What Will

    Just some joyful lil' bits that don't cost the earth.

    1. This little resin tray is ridiculously pretty, comes in a range of colours, and is an ideal home for tiny things you're always losing track of.

    2. Liven up your glasses and help protect the environment with these stainless steel straws. They come in a variety of eye-catching metal colours and are dishwasher safe!

    3. These gorgeous glass perfume bottles can be filled with essential oils and hung in your car as refillable air fresheners.

    4. Why not fill them with a delicate bergamot-scented essential oil? This bottle is raved about by reviewers for its low price and high quality scent.

    5. This sheet mask is infused with cooling, hydrating cucumber and is just so cute.

    6. These cacti-shaped tealights will look great on your dressing table and burn without any smoke.

    7. What better way to welcome guests to your home than with this adorable 'hedgehug' front door mat?

    8. This neon light adds a bit of space-themed flair to any room (and is the best price for a neon light I've ever seen TBH).

    9. These fruity coin purses will hold all your loose change and notes and look great while doing it.

    10. Enjoy more loose leaf tea with these creatively-shaped tea strainers. They're easy to use, made of high quality silicone, and are just so fun!

    11. This golden bookmark is made out of brass so won't fade or rust, and is an incredibly elegant way to mark pages.

    12. What could be more smile-inducing than a box full of nostalgic sweets? This box includes chew bars, parma violets, bubblegum, and more.

    13. These marble-effect coasters are made of sturdy wood with a cork base to protect surfaces from scuffs.

    14. These charming hair scrunchies are made with high-quality chiffon, won't damage your hair, and are machine-washable.

    15. This kitty-shaped jewellery organiser looks striking on all kinds of tables and is, quite frankly, the cat's meow (I'm so sorry).

    16. These delightful macaron-shaped erasers are sure to put a smile on your face every time you reach for one.

    17. This gold leaf headband is the ideal accessory for any goddess (AKA you).

    18. These beautiful trays can be used to hold soap or towels in bathrooms, hold knick-knacks in the bedroom, or serve sweet treats on at dinner.

    19. This flamingo-shaped toothbrush holder has a powerful suction cup that firmly attaches to the wall and can also be used as a hook for jewellery if needed!

    20. This shimmery nail polish has a colour-shifting two-tone formula that will absolutely make you feel like a mermaid.

    21. If you love bread (who doesn't, amiright?), then this is the plushie for you. It's made of super soft materials and won't deform even if you hug it tightly.

    22. This lovely notebook is super pretty to carry around and can be used for creative scribbles, keeping your life organised, or just filling with doodles.

    23. Pair it with these pastel-coloured highlighters that are guaranteed to turn notes into a candy-hued rainbow.