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    24 Clever Things That Make Life *So Much* Easier For Home Chefs

    Including gadgets that will strip herbs in seconds and give you crispy fish skin every time.

    1. For the ultimate smart cooking gadget, this Bluetooth thermometer will alert you when food reaches a pre-set temperature. Get ready for perfectly cooked steaks without you having to watch them like a hawk!

    2. Easily get sweetcorn off the cob with this clever stripper. It allows you to use fresh corn in recipes without needing to open up a tin!

    3. And this herb stripper will save you having to spend ages picking the leaves off of sprigs of rosemary or thyme. It also takes the leaves off kale and chard!

    4. This electric coffee bean grinder also mills spices, herbs, nuts, and grains into a fine or coarse powder in just a few seconds, depending on what you need.

    5. This stick blender uses ultra hard blades to quickly blend food. It has a bell shaped head that draws food towards the blades and a patented design known to give fine and even results.

    6. These digital scales give incredibly precise results, ranging from 0.5 grams to 500 grams, with an accuracy of 0.01 grams.

    7. If you cook a lot, a phone timer often doesn't cut it. This cute stand mixer-shaped timer will count down from up to 60 minutes, and you don't have to worry about getting your food-covered hands all over it.

    8. How cute are these lobster claw pot pinchers? They're made from heat-resistant silicone, are easy to get on and off in a hurry, and give a bit more dexterity than regular oven mitts.

    9. This multifunctional slicer dices, juliennes, and cuts fruit and veg into strips, all without you needing to change the blade. It also has a more stable, safer operating system that helps to protect your fingers.

    10. Or this handheld mandoline slicer is portable, takes up hardly any cupboard space, has three slicing settings, a non-slip handle, and a finger protecting knob.

    11. This cast iron press will help cook bacon perfectly, sear steaks, and weigh down hamburgers for extra caramelisation. You can also use it when you're frying fish to ensure crispy skin every time!

    12. If you've been eyeing up a stand mixer but don't know if you have the counter space (or the funds) this combo mixer is the solution. It comes with multiple beaters and dough hooks, converts into a handheld mixer when needed, and is powerful without being heavy or bulky!

    13. Get every little bit of batter off your whisks with this clever wiper. It also doubles up as a spatula for getting every drop of batter off bowls too!

    14. This snap-on strainer saves any faff when trying to drain things like fruit, veg, or pasta. Two strong clips keep it in place, it fits most pots, and it can go in the dishwasher!

    15. This vacuum sealer is handier for home cooking than you think! As well as keeping food fresher for up to seven times longer, it speeds up the marinating process by half the time. It's ideal for people who constantly forget to marinate things overnight (like me).

    16. If you're still struggling with standard manual lemon juicers, let me introduce you to the Mexican elbow. This clever juicer has a hinge mechanism so you can manually juice citrus fruits without breaking a sweat.

    17. If you don't have a rice cooker, you're absolutely missing a trick. This lil' gadget makes perfect rice for up to six people every time, and can also be used to make loads of other things, like steamed puddings!

    18. Fix your blunt knives with this brilliant sharpener. It sharpens any knives, even serrated ones, is both easy and safe to use, and suctions to your countertop for extra stability.

    19. This smart salad spinner dries leaves super fast with an easy-turn knob and has an opening for dressing, so you can coat leaves evenly with delicious vinaigrettes and oils!

    20. Sick of getting oil stains on your clothes and hot splashes burning your hands? These splatter guards protect you while you cook with oil.

    21. Or if your pans are always boiling over, this nifty silicone lid holds liquids that have bubbled up, stopping messy spills (and preventing wastage!). You can also steam vegetables with it!

    22. Stoning fruit can be fiddly and slow going, but this fruit pitter makes it simple. It easily cores fruits like mangoes and peaches!

    23. While this gadget gets the pits out of avocados in seconds, and neatly slices it and scoops it out too!

    24. And this well-priced pod will keep any avocado halves you don't use from going brown and gross in the fridge!