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    21 Chic And Stylish Things To Give Your Home A Little Extra ~Glamour~

    Because your house deserves to be fancy.

    1. This gold-accented tripod lamp looks way more expensive than it actually is, and also comes with a warm lightbulb to cast your home in a gorgeous soft glow.

    2. 'Of course my candles smell like Capri, dahling, it's the only place I summer' – you, to everyone after you get this stunning sage and sea salt 'Capri' candle.

    3. These gold bar handles are easy to install on kitchen cabinets and will instantly make them look incredibly expensive.

    4. And these brass knobs will transform drawers and cupboards all over your house.

    5. If your kitchen could use a little extra pizzazz, this tap is worth the investment. It has a unique silicone gooseneck design that swivels to rinse dishes while still looking chic AF.

    6. Or, this more affordable tap is super sleek, matte black, and will look great in both bathrooms and kitchens.

    7. Pair it with this handheld shower head that costs under £30 but looks designer. It's also high pressure and comes with an adjustable bracket!

    8. This dimmable table lamp has an elegant pleated lampshade that screams midcentury, and is touch-operated which just feels so bougie.

    9. These minimalist canvas prints will look amazing in any room and come with no-trace nails, so you can even put it up in a rental!

    10. These luxury-looking coasters are made from solid marble and each is embellished with a brass strip that catches the light when you use them!

    11. Keep your bits and bobs on this glass vanity tray that comes in the most striking black marble pattern.

    12. Make sure you don't get wrist strain – and elevate your desk situation at the same time – with this ergonomic mouse pad that has a surprisingly realistic marble print.

    13. This glass sphere pendant light adds loads of industrial glamour to spaces and comes in different sizes so you can use just one or create a cluster feature!

    14. I can't think of a prettier, more stylish pot to put your plants in that this glazed ceramic one.

    15. Store your cotton buds, makeup remover pads, and brushes in style with this container that has a natural bamboo lid and two stackable layers.

    16. And this marble and brass trinket dish will look great next to it, and help keep your dressing table clutter-free.

    17. This delicate hand sculpture will look like art on any table or nightstand, and can be used to neatly store rings, bracelets, or even gloves.

    18. Re-do counters, walls, and cabinetry without spending enormous sums thanks to this bold marble print contact paper.

    19. Nice salt and pepper shakers instantly jazz up a kitchen or dining room, and these professional wooden ones are a top pick.

    20. What says fancy more than a bar cart? This gold trolley looks incredible and is guaranteed to impress all guests.

    21. Regular shelves? So passé, amiright? This floating geometric wall shelf looks so contemporary and forms perfect frames for things like books, pictures, and plants.