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    21 Travel Items That Don't Cost Much Now But Will Probably Be Invaluable On Your Next Holiday

    Spend a little now, save A LOT in time and stress later.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This anti-chafing cream is less than a tenner but will save your thighs from being rubbed to shreds while you're out in the heat.

    2. Keep your valuables safe and your drinks and snacks free from sand with these genius elevated coasters.

    3. Get plenty of shuteye when you want it with this memory foam travel pillow that clips together for extra neck support.

    4. Beach and pool days are all fun and games until you drop your phone in the water and ruin it. These waterproof cases fit all phones and will keep them safe from water damage.

    5. And you can keep your backpack and bags safe from the rain with this waterproof cover!

    6. This inexpensive bag is incredibly useful at the beach. It's made of breathable mesh, so won't collect sand and dries quickly, but still has pockets to protect your valuables.

    7. These waterproof playing cards will stave off any boredom, are non-tear, wipe clean, come in their own case, and are guaranteed to last through loads of boisterous games of Snap.

    8. Make sure you're not cursed with lukewarm drinks or hot sandwiches on hols with this insulated bag. It comes with a cooler, is leakproof, and water resistant too!

    9. And this picnic blanket ensures you always have somewhere nice to sit for a while. It folds down into a portable package, is waterproof, and sand-proof!

    10. This portable luggage scale doesn't cost much but will prevent your bank account being hit with overweight luggage fees. It's easy to use, super lightweight, and measures weights of up to 50kg.

    11. Don't worry about reapplying mosquito spray with these all-natural bug repelling bracelets. They're DEET-free and each bracelet gives ten days of protection.

    12. But if you do get bitten, you can use this cost-effective after-bite pen to quickly soothe your skin – it even works on jellyfish stings!

    13. This mini first aid kit is always good to have on hand. It has 92 pieces, ranging from bandages and sterile gauze to safety pins and tweezers!

    14. Rocky beaches (or shell-studded sand) won't faze you if you're armed with these water socks! They protect feet from cuts, have anti-slip soles, and won't leave marks on your ankles.

    15. If there's one cheap but vital thing you need on holiday, it's suncream. This spray has SPF 30, is infused with aloe vera for added hydration, and has a light 'fresh water' feel on the skin.

    16. And this aloe vera aftersun is equally important, especially if you end up getting a bit ~too much~ sun (and forget to reapply your SPF).

    17. This microfibre travel towel can cost as little as a tenner, comes with a bag to keep it in, is fast drying, and is just generally great to have for beach days.

    18. This UK to EU adaptor has got two USB ports as well as a standard plug so you don't have to fill your suitcase with loads of adaptors if you're going abroad.

    19. And you can ensure your phone always has juice for holiday snaps with these portable power banks. Each gives a one to one and a half charge despite being super pocket-sized.

    20. This travel wallet makes taking all your travel documents with you far less stressful. It has space for everything you need in one place, including cards, a passport, money, and a phone.

    21. Finally, these inflatable bottle holders let you bring a few bottles of nice wine (or something stronger) back from holiday, without it smashing in your suitcase during the journey.