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    22 Items That Will Probably Make You Say 'Oh, September Really Is The Best Month, Isn't It?'

    Summer is nice but autumn is better.

    1. September is an excellent month is because it's the start of autumn, an equally exceptional season. And the best way to enjoy autumn? Endless cups of tea. This mega set of fancy teas will have you covered for the entire season.

    2. Why faff around around making single cups of tea when you can pour multiple refills from this ridiculously charming polka dot teapot that looks straight out of an indie rom-com?

    3. You can keep your teapots nice and warm with this bee-print tea cosy. It's made from 100% cotton and fits up to a six cup teapot.

    4. The other great part about September? Feeling like the main character in a small-but-critically acclaimed TV series about solving crimes and finding love in a remote seaside town, which these brown Chelsea boots definitely facilitate.

    5. This massive ceramic mug also has big quirky romantic lead vibes, and will let you drink large amounts of your hot beverage of choice.

    6. Keep your mugs and teacups (both massive and regular sized) at optimal drinking temperature with this genius electric warming plate. It automatically switches on when you put your drink on it and has three temperature settings!

    7. Leaning into feeling cosy again is a prime September vibe, and this heated car seat cushion will feel deliciously toasty on colder mornings or late night drives.

    8. It's the onset of slipper weather, so you should absolutely treat yourself to this pair of booties that have a plush fleece interior and luxe chenille knit exteriors.

    9. If you have yet to discover the sheer joy of putting a stroopwafel on top of a hot drink and letting it get all gooey and soft before you eat it, you have not yet lived my friend.

    10. It's officially pumpkin spice season! This pack of Starbucks pumpkin spice coffee means you can have the original cult classic in the comfort of your own home whenever you want.

    11. And tea drinkers will love this loose leaf autumn flush Darjeeling that's specific to this season and has a fruity flavour and mellow aftertaste.

    12. This retro film-style poster features black cats, fiery red leaves, and a pumpkin spice latte, and now is definitely the time to get it up on your wall.

    13. This eyeshadow palette is full of warm peaches, rich burgundies, and golden browns. Basically perfect September colours.

    14. I cannot begin to tell you how welcoming, warm, and cosy this giant cinnamon candle will make your house smell.

    15. Or this sophisticated candle looks amazing thanks to its nostalgic vintage advert-style cover, and its complex brandy, black coffee, tobacco, and leather scent.

    16. A few drops of this apple and cinnamon fragrance oil in a diffuser and your whole house will smell like freshly baked pie or strudel.

    17. Give yourself a fresh September mani with these beautiful autumnal polishes that include spicy pumpkin, rich burgundy, and deep cherry shades.

    18. These vibrant faux dried flowers are made from silk, look super realistic, and feel so ~autumnal~.

    19. Introduce a lil' autumnal booze into your drinks cabinet with this spiced mocha liqueur. Imagine making spiked hot drinks with this!

    20. You could add a little splash to a cup of this silky smooth Hotel Chocolat hot chocolate. It's made from real grated flakes of milk chocolate!

    21. Or these incredible hot chocolate balls will turn hot milk into a magical cup of chocolatey goodness, and they're filled with marshmallows!

    22. This super soft, 100% cotton throw will be so snuggly to cuddle up in on colder evenings, or will look great draped over sofas or beds.