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    21 Essential Items For People Who Are Basically Wednesday Addams

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales from the links on this page.

    1. This lovely embroidery hoop.

    By Milky Teea, £12.

    2. This delightful bracelet.

    By Psycho Trinkets, £10.06.

    3. This perfect pin.

    4. This simple statement.

    By The Geekerie, £16.82.

    5. This cute candle.

    Great for scenting your home and summoning evil spirits. By The Leaky Candle, £10.93.

    6. This charming phone case.

    Wednesday Addams > Regina George. By Red Bubble, £19.73.

    7. This colourful frock.

    By Kokopiebrand, £58.84.

    8. This makeup bag.

    To hold your black lipstick in. By Elsie and Nell, £15.

    9. These fabulous stick-on nails.

    By Nailed By Cristy, £46.24.

    10. This fashion statement.

    11. This apt warning.

    By Bwana Devil Art, £29.18.

    12. This ode to your crush.

    13. This accurate T-shirt.

    By Visual Despair, £21.02.

    14. This not-so-perky pin.

    By Taryn Draws, £1.68.

    15. This pretty pouch.

    16. This you AF mug.

    17. This necessary pillowcase.

    By Marco Black, £21.02.

    18. This killer keyring.

    By Amphibology, £6.52.

    19. This perfect response of a pin.

    By Shop Netty, £8.41.

    20. This seasonal phone case.

    By Red Bubble, £19.45.

    21. This essential necklace.