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The Best Angelina Jolie GIFFS To Perfectly Portray The Post Break-Up Stages

Break-ups can be hard. Lets watch Angelina slay the F out of post break-up emotions and all feel better about being dumped :)

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1. Sad...really...really...really sad / Via

Don't eat... Don't sleep...repeat (Angelina probably watched Mr & Mrs Smith during this moment!)...At least you don't have a film with your ex.

2. Pissed AF / Via

Questions like; why me!? why now!? what an ungrateful A******!

3. Pretence that your SOO over it / Via

You realise how tragic you've been acting so you have to pretend you are TOTALLY FINE to gain back points with your mates.

4. Confusion and Delusion / Via

"It was totally that time I threw up at his sisters that it was over"... "His cheating was totally MY fault"

5. Stalker / Via

"He was on Whatsapp exactly 1 minute ago". His Facebook is on refresh and your following his friends check in's. STOP. JUST STOP.

6. Sad ...drunk....sad...drunk / Via

Back to square 1. Drink is your best buddy!

7. Too far stalker

You are now following him to various club spots...LIKE...OH HEY THERE, LONG TIME NO SEE!...


Reality sinks in that it is actually OVER.

9. MOVING ON / Via

You start to find other people attractive and laugh a little at Bridget Jones Diary.

10. DAMN IT / Via

They move on too... You see them hanging with their new lover via social media...BURN.

11. RAGE / Via

Your are jealous AF!

12. SEXT / Via

You sleep with them for the last time to get over your rage and psycho behaviour...

13. NEW BAE / Via

Your realise your NEW bae is SO much hotter!

14. GOODBYE / Via

You DELETE all trace of them and never look back because YOUR DA BEST.

15. THE END / Via

If Angelina can do it... You can do it too! THE END PEEPS!

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