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    These Period-Proof Underwear Will Make Your Life A Little Easier (And They're 15% Off!)

    They're leakproof, eco-friendly, and you can get 15% off!

    Let's face it: no one likes getting their period. It sucks no matter what age you are, but it's particularly awful when you're young and you've only just realized that yes, this new reality is yours until you hit menopause.

    If blood and cramps weren't bad enough, the typical "solutions" (AKA pads and tampons) kind of suck, too. That's why ModiBodi's game-changing period underwear are actually so brilliant.

    a person sitting in a warm-lit room wearing vibrant modibodi undies

    If you've never heard of them, ModiBodi is a female-led company that makes period-friendly undies in a variety of shapes, sizes, and absorbencies. They're leakproof, eco-friendly, and way more comfortable than the usual pad or tampon.

    a person sitting looking in the mirror wearing a cute t-shirt and modibodi undies

    While they carry styles for all kinds of bodies, what's particularly awesome about ModiBodi is their RED line, which makes it little easier for tweens and teens who aren't used to their cycle yet.

    a person sitting and holding up a pair of modibodi undies

    Whether you have a light, moderate, or heavy flow, there's a pair for every kind of teen. You can find them in bikini briefs, boyshorts, sleep shorts, and even swimsuits, too.

    For maximum protection, you'll want to check out their best-selling RED maxi 24-hour absorbency undies. They'll keep you covered all day and all night, and can absorb the same amount as up to ten (yes, TEN!) tampons.

    ModiBodi carries a ton of other period-proof collections, too, including maternity, curvy, sensual, and active. You can even take their online quiz if you need help narrowing down which product is best for you.

    a person wearing headphones and sitting in a comfy chair wearing a sweater and modibodi undies

    So, what are you waiting for? Head over to ModiBodi to make your next period a little less stressful and a heck of a lot more comfortable. And make sure to use promo code MODIBODI2021 for 15% off your next order of $100 or more.