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    Itzy Broke Down The Creative Process Behind Their New Album "Not Shy," And I Am Obsessed

    "I want to try various styles and tell our fans that we are ready and open to showing many different things."

    ITZY poses in high boots and sparkling dresses in a country western-themed car workshop

    We caught up with Itzy to discuss their new album, Not Shy, and how they're creating music that inspires them to be confident.

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    Ready to know all about the album? Let's go!

    1. Your new single, “Not Shy,” is all about being bold and going after what you want in life without regret. When do you each feel most confident?

    Ryujin looks down despondently while dressed as a cowboy with tiger print shorts and tasseled metallic leather jacket inside a western-themed gas station

    2. What is your favorite part of the “Not Shy” choreography?

    3. Were there any funny moments that happened while filming the "Not Shy" music video?

    Lia poses with multi-colored hair extensions and two lop-sided ponytails

    4. What were your favorite fashion moments from the music video?

    Each member of ITZY poses in the desert in high heels, dresses, and sparkling jewelry

    5. It's been over a year since your debut! How have you seen your relationship with your fans, Midzy, and each other grow over the last year?

    Yuna stands in front of a destroyed car in a country western-themed workshop

    6. Which song on Not Shy do you think best represents each member of Itzy?

    ITZY walks together through the desert in their high heels and dresses

    7. What is the message that you hope fans take away from listening to the song “iD"?

    8. Throughout your past albums, Itzy has released music that encourages listeners to be their unique, positive, and confident selves. Why is it important for you to share this message through your music?

    Yeji looks into the camera with a curious expression as she wears a feathery jacket

    9. Just like Itzy inspires fans to be confident with their music, who are the people in your life that inspire you?

    Chaeryeong wears multiple layered necklaces alongside a tube top and ruffled shorts

    10. Itzy is known for their summertime anthems, like “IT’z SUMMER,” and now there’s “SURF!” What is your favorite summer memory?

    11. What was your favorite part of recording the song "Be in Love?"

    Itzy's new album, Not Shy, is available now!

    This interview has been edited for clarity and length.