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Here Are 21 Moments From "Strong Girl Bong-Soon" That Show Why Bong-Soon Is The Best K-Drama Character Of All Time

Hey yo, Bong Bong! 🎶

1. First and foremost, her sage words of advice for Min-hyuk:

@bwatchesforeigndramas / Tumblr / JTBC / Via

2. When she explained the difference between work and friendship:

Bong-soon tells Min-hyuk the difference between him and her friend is that he's her boss and they're her friends

3. When she was just trying to have a fun night out and ripped a pole from the ground with her strength:

Bong-soon is dancing and then confusedly swinging a pole at a club

4. And, after drinking too much at the club, then threatened to make Min-hyuk's butt disappear because he was staring at her crush:

@kdramabee / Tumblr / JTBC / Via

5. When she gave the gang member who trash-talked women a lesson:

Do Bong Soon slaps a gang member who was bullying her and asking her "why the heck do girls have no fear these days?"

6. When she realized that her strength isn't something she should be ashamed of:

Bong-soon tells Min-hyuk that she always lived hiding her strength but wants to use it properly now

7. When she had to carry Min-hyuk and Gook-do home after they both passed out after a night of drinking:

Bong-soon holds both Min-hyuk and Gook-do over her shoulders as she walks home

8. When she took a whole gang of high school students under her wing:

A group of high school students ask Bong-soon to take them under her wing and tell her they love her

9. When she let Min-hyuk know just how much of a "femme hommtale" she is:

Bong-soon describes herself as a 'femme hommtale' and Min-hyuk makes fun of her for getting confused

10. When she bawled her eyes out while watching a superhero movie in theaters:

Bong-soon openly sobs while watching a superhero film in a movie theater

11. Her iconic worldview whenever she sees her crush:

Bong-soon's world is full of bright lights and confetti as she looks at her crush

12. When she let everyone know she was capable of protecting herself:

Bong-soon confidently tells Min-hyuk that she can protect him and herself

13. When she stood up to her mom, who was always tough on her:

Bong-soon yells at her mom for being cruel to her, asking if she knows that her heart hurts

14. When she took Min-hyuk to an amusement park to cheer him up after he received some devastating news:

Bong-soon takes Min-hyuk to an amusement park where he cries on a swinging ride

15. When she left little notes for Min-hyuk at his house to make sure he took care of himself:

Bong-soon leaves a note for Minhyuk with instructions to take his medicine

16. And when she realized she had begun catching feelings for him:

Bong-soon tells a friend that she's starting to have a crush on Min-hyuk, saying "i think I really have no standards"

17. When she made some unique "jewelry" for her mean coworker:

Bong-soon takes a chopstick and forms it into a bracelet for her mean co-worker to wear

18. When she revealed that the mission of the video game she's creating is for the main character to rescue a lonely prince:

Min-hyuk asks Bong-soon who her character wants to rescue and she answers "a prince that lives all alone in a castle"

19. When she was very "open-minded" about dating:

@tessacarstrs / Tumblr / JTBC / Via

20. When she completed Min-hyuk's heart in the sand:

Bong-soon finishes the heart Min-hyuk draws in the sand

21. And last but not least, literally every single time she and Min-hyuk call each other "BongBong" and "MinMin":

Min-hyuk blushes when Bong-soon asks if she can call him Min-Min

In conclusion, Do Bong-soon is one of the most iconic K-drama characters ever, and we truly do not deserve her.