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    Updated on Oct 16, 2019. Posted on Oct 11, 2019

    EXO's Chen Spoke About His New Album At A Press Conference In Seoul And Made Me Cry

    More like Dear My Dae, am I right?

    If you're into K-Pop, then you know EXO's Chen.

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    It might be through his insane high notes as one of the main vocalists of EXO (who performed at the Olympics last year), or through the sweet, sweet tunes he began releasing this year as a solo artist.

    And if you know Chen, then you know he just released a new album, Dear My Dear, on October 1st.

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    The album is basically your best autumnal, heartwarming, falling-in-love-in-a-coffee-shop fantasy come true in musical form.

    To celebrate the release of his second album, Chen held a press conference in Seoul and BuzzFeed was there to grab all of the best tidbits just for you.

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    Without further ado, let's dig into it!

    1. Chen's goal for the album was to focus on "gratitude" and "love" toward his fans, and he had a hand in the design, title, concept, and writing of the album.

    "Working on this album made me realize how difficult love is. I just wish everyone happiness," Chen explained. "I hope you like it and I would be more than happy if any of my songs on this album would comfort your heart."

    2. The album's single "Shall We?" made Chen feel "smitten and happy" at first listen and took many takes to get right.

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    According to Chen, the title track "Shall We?" is a "retro-pop song with a romantic melody and emotional lyrics" about wanting to spend the night with a ~special someone~. "Personally, when I heard the song — although I’m still pretty young and not too experienced — I was able to relive the memories I had from the past," he said. "I wish this song would make everyone’s hearts race."

    3. The decision to make "Shall We?" the album's single was made in part by talking to his EXO groupmates.

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    "It was difficult for me to select a title track for this album because I chose a ballad for the first mini album and many people liked it; it made me wonder if I should choose a ballad again," Chen confessed. "All the feedback that I got from the members helped me choose this song. Of course, there were different opinions amongst the members, but they explained how having this song as the title would benefit me and their honest feedback helped a lot."

    4. Chen wrote the song "My Dear" with Kim JeHui, which he considers to be the sequel to his last single "Beautiful Goodbye".

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    Described as a "Britpop song with an exciting flow," Chen said he was thinking of what a "beautiful breakup" would look like when penning the song's lyrics. "My answer is suggested in this song," he added. This is the second time the two have collaborated after writing "Flower" together on his last album.

    5. His song "Good Night" is Chen-certified to help you fall asleep.

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    "When I was working on this album, I was stressed out and found myself not being able to fall asleep many nights," Chen said. "I tried listening to this song because I thought, 'if I can fall asleep by listening to this song, others can too.' It did help!"

    He continued: "It’s a healing ballad. I love 'goodnight' as a greeting because that one word may imply many different messages. For those that can’t sleep, I wanted to sound genuinely comforting rather than trying to sing well. I wanted to sound like I was talking to them when I was recording."

    6. The music video for "Shall We?" was filmed during a typhoon.

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    "Just when we were about to film the video, a typhoon hit. What’s worse was that all shoots were supposed to be done outdoors and I was very worried," Chen explained. "Fortunately, it didn’t rain on the day and we were able to film everything without any problem."

    7. Fellow EXO member Sehun was the MC for the event and absolutely, 100% not mad that he wasn't cast as the lead in Chen's music video.

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    "I told you that I would do it for free and would gladly make myself available, but you went a different direction. I was hurt," Sehun whined.

    "You are very good-looking and perfect; you’re my biggest card. I’ll cast you for a special role in future," Chen said through his laughter.

    8. And finally, with the new record, Chen aimed to show a more "down-to-earth" side of himself outside of his EXO persona.

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    "As a member of EXO, I think I may seem flashy, but through my solo albums, I’d like to approach the public as an honest, down-to-earth guy," he said. "I had a lot of input into this album, so people can see that it’s genuinely coming from me. So the key word would be 'honesty.'"

    If you need us, we'll be living our best autumnal lifestyle with Dear My Dear as the perfect soundtrack.