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I Hate/Love Taylor Swift: A Narrative

A narrative that Taylor is not excluded from

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Thoughts from a TSwift H8er Fan


So I hate Taylor Swift

I also LOVE Taylor Swift.

Allow me to elaborate.

I hate Taylor Swift. She undoubtedly has a team of trained professionals whose JOB is to do nothing but make her look good in then eyes of the public and yet she STILL manages to careen into drama and ruin her career over and over again. She is a Phoenix who continues to rise from the ashes of the arson that she commits. She cannot seem to keep in good standing with the public, and does a very proficient job of dumping her reputation down the toilet. I understand, in this day and age where people can find just about anything to be offended about, it is almost impossible for a celebrity to maintain a good relationship with the public without making an ass of themselves, or at least becoming an embarrassing meme. Taylor Swift is no exception to that, but she seems to excel in the art of ass-making, and has a hell of a time doing it.

I hate Taylor Swift because she seems to get some sort of sick pleasure of dragging other people's names through the mud. I mean, isn't that what her whole career is based on? Except now instead of calling out ex boyfriends for wronging her, she has moved into airing out much larger scale scandals by initiating legal battles, prolonging celebrity feuds, and calling people out for pretty much anything so long as it can be broadcast to the world. Of course she had to graduate to these more dramatic and media-catching schemes because you can only come up on being a 'serial-dater' for so long (and she milked that cash cow dry). Which brings me to my last point of hatred:

I hate Taylor Swift because she makes a game out of being a shitty person. She calls everyone out to the point of exhaustion (of her social standing and her emotional state, no doubt), then lays low for awhile, and makes a grand come up of reclaiming all the bad things she gets called after being a shitty person!

The Tale of Taylor Swift's Reputation: a drama

Taylor Swift 2008-2013: "If someone does you wrong, you can just write a song about them!"

The public: "Serial Dater"

Taylor Swift 2014-2015: "Haha I AM a serial dater, isn't that funny?"

Taylor Swift 2015-2016: "This person, that person, and the other all wronged me legally and everyone should know about it!"

The public: 🐍

Taylor Swift 2017- whenever this cliche is completely used up: "haha 🐍 "

Like I said, she is a Phoenix rising up from ashes of her own doing, but how long can she ride this train of self-richeous-ness before the track runs out? It remains to be seen as she seems to be doing incredibly well making a name for herself using this 'Rise above' persona...

I love Taylor Swift. Because of her music, I have a soundtrack to any type of heartbreak I may be experiencing. I can find a song that reminds me of every single one of my exes; a song that I undoubtedly played on repeat after each breakup, and a soundtrack to my life by someone that I feel understands what it's like to be a girl like me. I remember the first time I heard my big sister listening to her self-titled first album and thinking it was the best thing I'd ever heard, then promptly playing it on repeat. I love her music videos, I love her voice, and I love the tenor of her social media presence, and how when you see her perform or when you see her post her newest instagram photo, you know that you are witnessing a true star make her next move. Like many girls, I attempted TOO MANY times to recreate her perfect curls back in middle school, and of course I experimented with the effortless bob and bright lipstick color look in college when 1989 came to be. She is an iconic presence no matter what she does, and that is undeniable, no matter who you are or what you believe about her.

Taylor Swift is a talented woman with more charisma in her little finger than I have in my whole body, but unfortunately her attraction to all things dramatic, her flair for calling others out, and her never ending habit of falling out with the media tends to eclipse her music and star power all to often. I WANT to love Taylor Swift, and most times I just can't help but do so. I've been playing 'Look What You Made Me Do' at top volume on repeat all day, because it's a cool and epic song, but each time I listen to it, all I hear is a big old middle finger to Kanye, Kim, Katy, and Calvin (God help any celeb whose name starts with a K or a C), and frankly, I'm just over it.

Lastly: why do I care so much to spend an hour of my Friday writing this narrative (that Taylor Swift wants to exclude herself from, no doubt)? I have no fucking idea.

The end

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