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12 Dubai Destinations That Were Created With Kiwis In Mind For Sure

Visit the splendour of Dubai from New Zealand with Emirates to experience a new kind of O.E

1. Dubai has skiing.

2. There's beautiful architecture to explore.

3. The different kinds of marketplaces and souks.

4. The biggest mall in the world is there. And it's huge.

5. Downtown is its own little world too.

6. Check out the wildlife.

7. And adventure in the desert by 4x4...

8. ...or by board.

9. And also the quiet beach-life vibes.

10. The EPIC waterparks are next level.

11. There are also greens for high-quality golfing too.

12. The art and natural beauty of the Miracle Gardens.

Fly to Dubai with Emirates and not only experience a great Airline but also a magical city.

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