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15 Reasons Boston Is The City That Just Keeps Getting Better

Not that it wasn't always the best... now it's just better than the best. And with a new direct route from Boston to Dubai on Emirates, there's no sign of Boston slowing down any time soon.

1. The city's layout makes little to no sense, making it... confusing? No! Giving it character!

Who cares if Boston's transport system looks like a kid had at it with a couple of crayons? It's definitely more interesting than living on a grid. And like the city itself, it's constantly improving. Not only was Boston ranked the third best U.S. city for public transit, but with new countdown clocks and continuing expansions, the MBTA is vying for #1!

2. Plus, America's biggest college town is more accessible to party in than ever!

3. Did you catch the view in the picture above? No wonder more and more movies are moving out of Hollywood and finding themselves in Beantown.

4. Boston's also a breeding ground for American treasures!

I mean... Scout Master Ward! Tami Taylor!! C'mon now...

5. And in more exciting movie news, the new Batman is already a Boston hero!

6. Bostonians know how to have a good time.

7. But they also know how to get serious and come together for each other like no other place in the world.

8. Even as Boston continues to grow and become a bigger, badder city, some parts (especially its charm) never change.

9. Boston has the most educated (and hot) young people of any other city.

10. Ladies, if you've ever asked yourself where all the eligible guys are...

11. It's the ideal place to begin a new business venture.

According to Jeff Bussgang of Inc., "Boston is a microcosm of the ingredients for a successful start-up community." Over the past few years, it's been home to dozens of really successful start-ups, including Harmonix, which produces the video game Rock Band.

12. Boston has put on its very own music festival three years in a row now.

13. Seriously, have you seen this year's lineup?!?!

Jack Johnson, Tegan & Sara, and Death Cab for Cutie are just a few of the amazing acts performing at Boston Calling this year.

14. The Charles River is safe to swim in for the first time in half a century!

15. And because Red Sox, duh.

Not that you'd ever want to leave Boston...