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7 Bittersweet Things To Help Incite The Feels

For those days when you just need to let it out and cry.

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2. "You May Want to Marry My Husband," by Amy Krouse Rosenthal


This one is a whirlwind. It will pick you up, knock you down, and make you wonder if there's an onion in your room or if it's just that emotionally provocative (it is). This is Amy Krouse Rosenthal's letter to the person with which she hopes her husband will find love, because she herself is dying from ovarian cancer. It is heartfelt, loving, elegant, and even a little bit comic. She markets her husband like one would market themselves on a dating website-- and yet what really emerges is not an appeal to the qualities of her husband, but an understanding of the life and love they have shared together for the past 26 years. It's sad, but it's breathtaking in its sadness rather than gloomy. Seriously, I'm crying. Please read this and cry with me.

3. Auli'i Cravalho singing at the 2017 Oscars


This one is definitely more sweet than bitter but for those who don't know her, this is Auli'i Cravalho, the sixteen year old voice of Moana. She sang at the Oscar's last weekend and ~slayed~ despite being hit in the head with a flag mid-performance. It's sweet because she's so talented, but bitter because she probably has more talent in one of her fingers than I have ever exhibited in my entire life. Oh well. Watch here!

5. Nature Valley Bars


A sillier item to give you a chance to run from the sadness if you're not weeping already. Turn back now, if you wish. Want to keep crying? Read on.

These snacks are so darn tasty and the perfect fuel for a day spent running around-- or honestly even a day spent in bed-- until you look down and feel like Hansel and Gretel because half the bar has disintegrated in your hand and the crumbs are everywhere. Sad reacts only.



Honestly, if I were in a fight I feel like this Christian Louboutin nail polish would be my weapon of choice. Unfortunately, like all things that glitter, this nail polish is $50 a bottle at Sephora. Yikes :(

7. Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth, by Warsan Shire


I read this chapbook last year, and it is hands down my favorite thing I have ever read. No question about it. It is poetry, so if you're not a big poetry fan then please just know that I wasn't either. Until I read this. It made me cry like a baby but also changed the way I see the role of women, identity, and people of color in an interconnected but fragmented world. Queen Bey thought it important enough to adapt and include in her visual album "Lemonade." Just sayin'. Read it, and end your bittersweet sob-fest on a note of strength and resolve. Best of luck!

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