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Here Are 5 Mindful Ways To Survive Valentine's Day

We're not gonna let this greetings-card holiday get us down!

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Valentine's Day can be a lonely time and although the holiday has this "OMG I'M SINGLE *DOWNS BOTTLE OF WINE AND CRIES TO BRIDGET JONES MOVIES*" type humour surrounding it, feeling alone really is no laughing matter!

Valentine's Day can be a trigger for all sorts of anxieties!

So here are 5 mindful ways to regain perspective this Valentine's Day...

1) Avoid Social Media


I know, I know we've all got dopamine-addictions to maintain through likes and notifications, but all this social media is doing nada for your mental health!

For Singletons: An innocent scroll through your social media could trigger feelings of loneliness. God forbid you see one of your exes! Or worse, someone gets ENGAGED! Turn it off! You do not need to concern yourself with what other people are doing this Valentine's Day. Instead, why not spend the time doing something that really adds value to your life. (Yes, pinning recipes on Pinterest totally counts!)

If you're in a relationship: Trawling through social media could mean you start comparing your relationship to others and you don't need to be doing that! There's no other couple like you guys after-all! How about saving your loved-filled status about your partner and saying it directly to their face? After all, your relationship is an exclusive club just for 2!

If (like me), you have ZERO self-control when it comes to social media, download (OFF TIME). This app forces you to take a break and is great!

2) Practice Self Care

Self-care is SO KEY FOR GOOD MENTAL HEALTH! Self-care varies from anything as simple as lighting a scented candle you like, to turning off your phone at night so you can relax better, to finally booking that appointment with your GP about that thing you're embarrased about! Whatever it is that you feel like you need to do to care for yourself, do it now!

For Singletons: That book/candle/outfit/bottle of wine you've been saving for a "special occasion"? STAHP AND ENDULGE NOW! Your life should be one big special occasion, baby!

If you're in a relationship: Whatever it is that you like to do to unwind together, do it today! Country walks, gaming, Netflix and chill, reading? The options are endless!

3) Get Together With Friends


I know, I know! It's an obvious one. But they're your friends for a reason, right?

For Singletons:
If you're not tied down to a relationship you have the luxury of choosing who to spend your day with! Why not unite with your best friends and have fun? Cook a meal together, go to the cinema, paint your nails, have a games night. WHATEVER YOU FEEL LIKE! Spending time with good people who love you will leave you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside! Pro tip: Ordering a pizza will improve any of the above experiences (No, I won't judge you if you cook AND order a pizza. More power to you!)

If you're in a relationship: If you fancy doing something different this Valentines Day why not get together with your other couple friends? You could go to the pub, have a movie night together or order a takeaway. Spending the time with friends could be a nice change and is a chance to do something fun all together. DID SOMEONE SAY ALTON TOWERS?!?!!

4) Extend Your Love

Extending your love and gratitude to other people goes a long way...

Why not send a postcard/text/call/Skype or even visit your grandparents/parents/cousins/nieces/nephews/siblings. Yep, that means leaving the house and putting on actual outside-clothes! Heck, if you really want to get into the spirit you could bake some Valentine's treats to take with you, delicious!

If you fancy extending that kindness a little further why not...

- Take cards, blankets and food parcels round to your local homeless shelter.

- Write a few letters and drop them into your local Care Home.

- Take a box of chocolates to workers at your local A&E.

There are a lot of people who will be spending this Valentine's Day alone and extending your kindness to them is a great way to gain perspective! :)

5) Be Realistic With Your Expectations

For Singletons: If you're single and feeling lonely this Valentine's Day, it's important to be realistic. There's no doubt a good reason why you're single right now! Maybe you're working on yourself, your career, or maybe you just haven't found someone yet. And guess what? THAT IS TOTALLY FINE AND NORMAL AND NOT WEIRD!

It's important to remember that relationships can be hard; they require work, time and dedication to another humans needs. So instead of focusing on what you don't have, enjoy the opportunities you do have! You don't have to get dressed up or try and look cute whilst you sleep! You can totally sit in your PJ's at home and shove mouthfuls of popcorn into your open mouth and that is a GREAT thing!

If you're in a relationship: You guys also need to be realistic when it comes to Valentine's Day. There can be a lot of pressure on couples to live-up to the ideologies of Valentine's Day.

Maybe you and your partner simply aren't "into" Valentine's Day all that much. Maybe you're happy to have a quiet one in-front of the TV!

But then, when you're getting yourself some much-needed refreshment at the office water cooler and Barbara from Marketing strolls over to enquire about your Valentine's Day plans, you can be left feeling like maybe you're not making enough of an effort for your partner. Maybe you should do more. After all, you do really love your partner and maybe they're secretly expecting you to pull out all the stops this year, but are too polite to say anything to you?!


Talk to your partner, find out what they'd like to do on this day and simply enjoy your special day together, with your phones turned off. Bonus points if you order a pizza! Oh and one last thing... IT'S OKAY IF YOU'RE TIRED/NOT IN THE MOOD FOR SEX ON VALENTINE'S DAY. GUESS WHAT? THAT MAKES YOU A NORMAL HUMAN BEING. CONGRATULATIONS ON BEING A REGULAR JOE BLOGGS! 😉 And remember, don't be a Barbara!

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