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    7 Types Of Passengers Every Flight Attendant Dreads

    Are you one of them...?

    Emi Tulett / Getty

    1. The Flirts

    Emi Tulett / Getty

    “When passengers with outrageous morning breath try and flirt with you towards the end of a 12-hour flight.”

    2. The Unconcerned Parents

    Emi Tulett / Getty

    “After completing the safety demonstration and just minutes before take-off, I see a man holding up an infant — who was clearly standing on his lap so therefore not secured with a children's seatbelt on. I quickly ran up to him as we are on the taxiway, made sure the child was secured, and to my shock saw another unsecured child crawling around on the floor. This is whilst we were on the taxiway and I was just so shocked that the parents had such little regard to the safety of their own children!”

    3. The Picky Eaters

    Emi Tulett / Getty

    “We have two choices of meals onboard, usually a vegetarian option and a non-vegetarian option. Sometimes our passengers are left with no choice, and I do feel bad, but what can you do at 35,000ft in the air? There was one man who was extremely unhappy with receiving the vegetarian lasagna meal and made it his life’s mission to let everyone in economy know about his disdain. He shoved the plate back in my face, shouted 'I don’t want this, I want meat!' and continued to make a huge fuss about it while I served everyone else, who were waiting patiently, their food.”

    4. The Ones With First-World Problems

    Emi Tulett / Getty

    “A man was put on our flight as his own flight had been cancelled. Originally supposed to be seated in first class, he was bumped down to business class as all the seats in first were full. Upset with the downgrade, he offered 10,000USD to two people seated in first to swap with him. Thinking it was a joke, I laughed politely, but he was 100% serious.”

    5. The Snobby Drinkers

    Emi Tulett / Getty

    “When business class passengers ask for complicated alcoholic beverages... We are flight attendants, not experienced bartenders.”

    6. The Unsanitary Parents

    Emi Tulett / Getty

    “Whilst boarding is underway, a young couple with a newborn changes their child’s diaper on the bulkhead table. The mother then gives me the bag with the dirty diaper and asks me to throw it out for them. I take it because I’ve developed a habit of taking people’s trash without thinking...”

    7. The Defensive Yellers

    Emi Tulett / Getty

    “When the seatbelt sign goes on, we must ensure that everyone is safely secured. This does sometimes require waking up sleeping passengers if we cannot see that their seatbelt is fastened. I once woke up an elder woman to ensure if she had her seatbelt on, but she quickly became extremely defensive and yells, 'It’s all about what you want! Never about what I want!' I reply in my most sweet voice, 'It’s not what I want, madam, I have to do it for your safety, but if you don’t want to secure your seatbelt, then that’s entirely your choice.' I then proceed to secure everyone else in the cabin.”

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