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19 Minimalist Christmas Decor Ideas For Your Small Home

Put out your lights and ornaments without having to drag in a Christmas tree.

1. Make a Christmas village advent calendar out of paper bags, then fill them with gifts.

Functional and decorative! Learn more here.

2. Make a Christmas tree silhouette out of some washi tape and mini ornaments.

Arguably cheaper and less burdensome than a tree. Learn more here.

3. Wrap your door in a giant bow, because coming home from the cold is always a gift.

Try it out on your bedroom door if your landlord isn't quite as festive as you are. Learn more here.

4. Glue a few sprigs onto an embroidery hoop to make a mini wreath.

Johnny Miller / Via

Tie your mini wreaths to your curtain rod so you don't have to stick anything on the wall. Learn more here.

5. Wrap a garland around your bar cart and leave your tangled string lights on the bottom shelf to fake a fireplace.

I give you the gift of a slight buzz. You're welcome. Learn more here.

6. Fill your fruit basket with ornaments.

Warning: Not for human consumption. Learn more here.

7. Or hang them on your bike.

8. Or add them to a festive banner!

Make giant pompoms with some yarn and a few pieces of cardboard if you want to give the banner a bit more personality. Learn more here.

9. Twist and clip some paper into cones, then hang them on the wall to make a cute and space-saving advent calendar.

Make one for your kids, your roommates, or yourself! Learn more here.

10. Or just tie strings to tiny packages and hang them from your coat rack.

Just throw your coats on the floor. This is worth it. Learn more here.

11. Make a banner of stockings if you don't have a mantle to mount them on.

Fill them with evergreen sprigs, chocolates, or little notes! Learn more here.

12. Turn your decorative ladder into a makeshift tree with a garland, ornaments, or some stockings.

Nicole Franzen / Via

Twist the garland around the ladder, hang ornaments from the rungs, and stick presents underneath. Learn more here.

13. Use cookie cutters as stamps so you can have festive tea towels to work with while you bake your gingerbread cookies.

Make a few extra towels so you have a few last-minute gifts on hand. Learn more here.

14. Glue feathers onto craft cones to make a centerpiece or a tiny Grinch village.

Arguably cuter than a real tree. Learn more here.

15. And wind fluffy fake flowers around a wreath form to keep the theme.

This wreath is sure to stay fresh until next year. Learn more here.

16. Find a fallen branch outdoors so you at least have a tree skeleton to hang your favorite ornaments from.

Quirky and — most importantly — free! Learn more here.

17. Zigzag string lights along the wall to make a tree that's twice as bright as a real one.

18. Scatter little lights around your favorite succulents.

19. Or put a houseplant on a stool so your presents have something to sit under.

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