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Which Sophomore Sailor Girl Are You?

You know them all...or you don't (s/o to those who took the semester off). Maybe you even know which one Tahler is and which one Kaylor is; maybe you don't. Now, you want to know which one you're the most like. Well, you're not in luck!! This quiz probably won't tell you anything!! But here it is!!

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  1. Where are you from?

    Connecticut, but like not the same town as half the team
    New Jersey
    basically Larchmont
    literally like 20 minutes from Tufts
    Chicago. Like actually Chicago. Downtown.
    Chicago, but like not actually chicago at all.
    I tell people I'm from California but I'm secretly not
    the Midwest
  2. Did you plan on sailing in college?

    Definitely! I talked to Ken a bunch before I got here.
    Yes, but partly bc my mom wanted me to.
    Everything is Florian's fault.
    I hoped I could!
    Yeah, but maybe for like 2 weeks
    I didn't know what sailing was but I wanted another thing to over-schedule myself with
    Dude my dad won the Nickerson, I had to.
    Yeah man, shred.
    Nope, and I didn't start until I was a sophomore!
    No, but my skipper made me fall in looooove.
    I'm just here because my friends made me but now I can't quit.
    Yeah! But I didn't know what college sailing was, really.
  3. How do you feel about long-term relationships?

    Omg sign me up in like 10 years, too busy having fun right now
    Sure, whatever, my mom's in one and she's the best.
    This question overwhelms me.
    I'm so good at them, you have no idea. Or you do, in which case you'd agree how good I am at them.
    nope, no thanks.
    I mean first I have to conquer the world. Then I can marry Pierre.
    I'm really working on one right now, wish me luck!
    I'm in a long-term relationship with traveling the world with my mom.
    Only if it's an open relationship.
    Sure! I'd love one!
    I like to go with the flow
  4. It's a 9 pm on a Wednesday. Where are you?

    The pub!
    either the pub or my sorority
    My suite because it's wine wednesday
    wherever wine wednesday is happening
    either West or the bone zone
    probably hanging with my big
    ballroom rehearsal!
    doing chem or in the bone zone
    Skyping bae
    listening to my friends talk about their feelings
    the library
  5. What do you do on campus other than sail?

    Ballroom team!
    Climb stuff
    ski, but like don't remind Ken.
    fucking slay ok
    remind people how awesome my mom is
    break shit
    I don't really spend time on campus, too busy traveling the world
    choral stuff, try not to turn into a meme
    hang out in the bone zone
    literally everything
  6. What's the craziest thing you've done?

    thing or person? I have a better answer to the latter.
    joined Tufts sailing
    I don't remember?
    went somewhere without taking a selfie
    freshman fall.
    just...ato basement.
    basement dancing at 3 pm on a tuesday.
    oh god.
    too busy being awesome to be irrational
    oh gosh, i don't do crazy things.
    bought last-minute tickets to europe
    dude, idk man, probably fell in love or some shit.
  7. What do you say a lot?

    you're so sweet!
    Taylor, let's go home
    it's lit, fam
    So there's this new Euro song...
    __ is so cute!
    Yikes 'bos
    have you seen my forehead?
    *listens patiently to friends*
    oh my gosh hello!
  8. It's 2 am on a thursday night. Where are you?

    Third floor of ATO
    Football house
    Lax house
    my bed
    with my big
    my couch
    the bone zone
    my dorm
    someone else's bed
    my bed
    asleep because I have an 8 am at NEC

Which Sophomore Sailor Girl Are You?

You got: Taylor

Congratulations, tae tae! You're probably reading this from someplace with wine, skiing, and/or the boys of the third floor of ATO. You're in love with your skipper, but not romantically, just like the idea of him. Relatable. You're probably the most conflicted person on the team, but that's ok because it's wildly hilarious for the rest of us. Even though you blame Flo for giving Ken your number and getting you into this whole mess called "college sailing," we're pretty siked to have you here and hope you've grown to love us too.

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You got: KK

Ahhh KK. The enabler of the consonant sisters. If it's any day or any night, you're probably found wearing stripes with Taylor, Emma, or your other sorority sisters. So far this year you've done a lot with them and only a little without; maybe this new year will bring you new friends. But, the ones you have are so great that you really don't need new ones. You also look the same as you did in 8th grade (see photo above/to the side), which means you didn't really have to dress up for the middle school dance at all.

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You got: Bunney

You're basically a Jamie Maffeo in the making. This is great, because it means you'll probably stand on a table senior year and yell "I'm so washed up" and "why am I not hot anymore" when you're actually hot af and killing it. We can't wait to see you in full form. You have the potential to be the next lady jumbo of lore...please fulfill it. *dab*

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You got: Robling

omg your wedding is going to be SO lit in like 20 years when you decide to make some hot guy settle down, or just marry one of your besties. You're the epitome of "do it for the girls," and we love it. Never change.

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You got: Emma

Emma, Emma, Emma. You've been up and down and all around. When you're here, you're the life of the party, and when you're not, we all wish we were at your party. We hope you come back to us in the spring, which your mom said you would. Moms are always right, so we'll see you in March.

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You got: A Smith

Ok so first step: back away from the desk. Second: take a seat before you pass out and hit your head. But in all serious, no more injuries, but especially not concussions. If we ever get Logie-bear back, we'll need you back too, since you're the yogi to his bear.

A Smith
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You got: Marisaaaaa

"I joined the sailing team because I wanted something to get really competitive at. Once I figure out what I'm doing, I'm going to be SO competitive."

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Wow. You're basically flawless, except for one weakness that we won't mention here. But you know what it is. (yikes bos) You're the flyest. You do cool shit like sneak into exclusive parties thrown by Chicago's elite, support your friends, and put up with the junior girls. You're probably killing it with your mom in Janesville right now, but we should all be jealous, since your mom is cooler than all of us.

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You got: Maggie

I didn't think magic was actually real until I met you. By that I mean that Ken is convinced you have a time-turner. He's also pretty sure that your voice can bring world peace. Basically, you're magical, and even atong looks up to you. Well done!

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You got: Jessica

Ok, so you're not quite a meme yet, but you're getting there. So pun, much clever. Your holidays have been quite ~festive~ so far, which is great, but not yet ~extra festive~. You're very proud of your bangs, and like to remind people of why you have them every thursday. That's great; never change. We're super siked to have you on the team, and not only because you throw better shade than any of the upperclassmen.

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You got: Marie

Wow, fancy seeing you here. But actually... you're probably taking this quiz in Europe, the Caribbean, or literally anywhere other than Medford. We all wish we had your life, so keep on doing you...unless you decide you want to come back to sailing, in which you should do that.

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You got: Jack Bitney

Ok, so you aren't actually one of the girls, but they all wish they were you. Also, you're so much a part of their lives that they wouldn't be the same without you, so you might as well be one of them. You're the most supportive person ever. You're like a good bra. Never change.

Jack Bitney
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