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Are You A Tux Or A Momo?

Are the coolest mofo there ever was? or are you more of a dependable friend that's always there when you need someone

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  1. You get locked out of your dorm, what do you do?

    You call the RA immediately and just take the fine
    You wait outside your dorm and pray your roommate comes by and lets you in no matter how long it takes
    You go find somewhere else to sleep for the night. Or next 4 nights
    Your roommate lets you in but you still hesitate to go inside bc who knows what evil is in there
  2. What kind of food do you like?

    Anything that a vegetarian wouldn't eat
    Something of high class. You only eat the finer things
    Your mom's cooking. Doesn't get better than that
    Whatever your friend orders
  3. What do you do in your spare time?

    Move around because you can't sit still
    Lay out
    Chill in bed watchin some netflix
    Something dumb to occupy myself
  4. What do you do when you meet people for the first time?

    Say hey then try and get out of there as quickly as possible. You hate meeting new people
    I make a fool of myself and say something dumb as shit
    You love meeting new people. You wanna talk to them all day and learn everything about them.
    You introduce yourself and if you're with a friend you just lurk on the convo. You don't know what to say but you have high key fomo and dont wanna miss out even if they're not talking to you.
  5. How do you show people you care about them?

    You tell them. There's no better way than to be straight up
    You are always there for your friends. You may not say you love them all the time, but if they ever need you you're there.
    You do things for them like bring them food or gifts.
    You listen to them and give them advice because isn't that what friends are for?
  6. What do you do when you're annoyed with someone?

    Avoid conflict at all costs. Better for you to be uncomfortable than both of yall
    Tell that bitch straight up she a hoe.
    Fight it out.
    Almost bring up your problems but then chicken out because you realize it's not that deep anyways and you'd probably lose
  7. Who is your favorite person out of these below?

    Jeff Schramek
    Lori Schramek
    Andrea Schramek
    Jay Schramek
    I don't really care tbh they're all the same to me
  8. You haven't been home in a while, what's the first thing you do when you get back?

    Chill on the couch
    Watch TV
  9. What best describes your style?

    Classic and chic
    Edgy but cute
    Subtle but still tasteful
    Always on point with your outfits
  10. How do you know it's time to leave the bars?

    You've been there for 6 hours and realize it's prob time to go
    You got dt and realized you really didn't wanna go so you turn around and go back home to have a chill night
    Your friends are leaving and they call your name to go home
    You never leave. Dt is the best place to be. You'll sleep on the floor if you have to
  11. You make a mess. What do you do?

    I don't make messes bc i'm OCD
    You walk away and clean it up later
    You look at your mess for the next 3 days and refuse to clean it up. Someone else can do it for you.
    The messes you make are mostly gross so they gotta go real soon
  12. You get blackout and hook up with a guy and forgot to use a condom. What do you do?

    You don't care because you take birth control so you won't get pregnant.
    You say eh fuckit i'll be fine
    The guy pulled out so you think you're good
    You get plan B because better safe than sorry
  13. What were you like as a kid?

    Insane. I drove my parents crazy because i never listened to them.
    I was cute as shit.
    You had trouble growing up. Specifically in the potty training area
    You grew up a lil too fast and made some poor decisions early on in life
  14. On a scale of 1-10 how needy are you?

    10 is needy af

    10 is needy af


Are You A Tux Or A Momo?

You got: You're a Momo!

You may seem like the neglected special needs Kennedy sister, Rosemary no one knows about, but you're truly a real bro. You're fine as shit and your tiny figure carries you through life. You may have gotten knocked up and have 3 kids, but everyone makes mistakes. You're always there and do some crazy shit, but always make people happy.

You're a Momo!
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You got: You're a Tux!

You're OG. You may not be as soft or tiny as a momo, but your bomb ass personality and cuteness put you over the top. All the bitches want you and you cheat on your real fam with your side fam and may or may not pick up a shacker necklace. You live a crazy life but are always down for some snuggles at the end of the day.

You're a Tux!
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