Celebs Who Are Feeling The Heat

Even though celebrities have flawless bodies and pretty smiles, one thing they don’t always have is dry pits. Check out the times when waving to crowds of adoring fans have gone badly, and don’t miss the new The CW show, “Emily Owens, M.D.,” when it premieres tonight at 9/8c.

6. Bruce Springsteen

7. Ryan Gosling

9. David Hasselhoff

10. Lisa Marie Presley

12. Steve Carell

15. Kathie Lee Gifford

19. And No, Not Even Doctors Are Safe

Will Dr. Owens finally conquer her excessive sweating situation now that she’s a real doctor in a real hospital? Find out in the season premiere of “Emily Owens, M.D.” when it premieres on The CW on Oct. 16 at 9/8c.

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