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    14 Things We Learned From The "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" Bruce Jenner Special

    The E! reality show aired a two-part special documenting the Kardashian-Jenner family learning about Bruce Jenner's transition. And it was incredibly emotional.

    1. Bruce was almost outed in the 1980s.


    During the special, Kim explains to Kylie and Kendall that, in the 1980s, a reporter found a bunch of wigs in Bruce's suitcase while he was traveling and was going to expose his secret. Bruce hired a publicist, who was able to help kill the story when the reporter showed up at Bruce's house. The reporter was asked not to go public.

    2. Haircuts have been very traumatizing for Bruce because having long hair was so important to him.


    "The worst days in my life are the days I've had to get a haircut," Bruce said as flashbacks from Keeping Up With the Kardashians rolled of the girls asking Bruce to get a haircut.

    3. Bruce always wore polish on his toes, but kept it hidden by wearing socks around the house.


    Kim was very impressed by Bruce's pedicure skills.

    4. In the fall of 2014, Bruce came out to each of his children and stepchildren individually and off-camera.


    Bruce came out publicly in an interview with Diane Sawyer that aired on April 24. While Bruce's children and stepchildren were extremely supportive of him after the interview on social media, the KUWTK special is the first time Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, and Kylie have spoken publicly about their father's transition.

    5. And in January 2015, Bruce told his children he would transition in the spring.


    Khloe explained during the episode that she and her sisters thought the transition was many years down the road and they were surprised to hear how soon Bruce would start transitioning.

    6. Many of Bruce's children talked about the first time they were aware of Bruce's secret. When Kendall and Kylie were much younger, they found makeup around the house and thought their dad was having an affair.


    Neither confronted Bruce about it because they didn't want their family broken up.

    7. Kendall also saw her father dressed in woman's clothing in the middle of the night about a year ago.


    About a year before the taping, Kendall first saw her father dressed in woman's clothing around 4 a.m. when she went downstairs to get a drink of water. But Bruce didn't see Kendall, so she never brought it up to her father.

    8. And Kim walked into the garage a decade ago and found Bruce dressed in woman's clothing.


    She immediately told Kourtney, but the two never spoke about it with anyone else.

    9. Bruce admitted to taking clothes from Kim and Kris' closets.


    While Kim was editing Bruce's closet, she found a few dresses and blouses that her stepfather had taken from her closet years back.

    10. Though she admits she knew about the cross-dressing, Bruce's ex-wife Kris never thought Bruce would come out.


    "It's hard to wrap my head around, because why now?" Kris asked Kim. "He'd said he'd had tendencies like that but that wasn't even a discussion that he would end his life up like this. I never expected that, not in a million years."

    11. Also during the special, Bruce specified some of the surgeries he's already undergone.


    Bruce told his daughters he had recently had a nose job, and was going to schedule a procedure to have his forehead and jaw shaved down. He has no surgeries planned beyond that.

    12. Bruce asked Kim to be the spokesperson for the family for the Diane Sawyer interview.


    Bruce and Kim have been able to have the most honest conversations about his coming out, so Kim has been a mediator of sorts between her stepdad and the other members of their family. Bruce also asked Kim to be a part of the Diane Sawyer interview as a representative from the Kardashian-Jenner family. Kim ultimately didn't appear in the ABC interview.

    13. Bruce confirmed that he didn't start taking hormones or speaking with a therapist until he and Kris separated.


    "First thing I did when I moved out to Malibu, was I said OK, here I am, I've got a house all to myself, I've got to deal with these issues. That's when I got a therapist, I started working on things, trying to figure out my life. I did none of that beforehand," Bruce told Kris.

    14. And Bruce now just wants to live life with his hair down.


    "For the last, I don't know, 50 years, I've always lived my life for everybody else. Playing the role that they want me to play. At a point in life you get to Who should we make happy here? Who should I live my life for? Should I live my life for all these wonderful people? Or should I live my life for myself?" Bruce said.

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