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ShondaLand Actors Offer Advice To Their Characters

At BuzzFeed Brews with Facebook Live, Viola Davis, Kerry Washington, and Ellen Pompeo tell Annalise Keating, Olivia Pope, and Meredith Grey how they really feel about their behavior.

Photograph by Macey J. Foronda for BuzzFeed

Viola Davis to How To Get Away With Murder's Annalise Keating:

BuzzFeed Brews with Facebook Live

"You're good enough. You've got fabulous shoes. Who designs your kitchen? I don't know what I would tell Annalise. I would tell Annalise ... to remember that her students really need really good nurturing. Is that good? And therapy?"

Kerry Washington to Scandal's Olivia Pope:

BuzzFeed Brews with Facebook Live

"I always think, Get therapy, Olivia! Get therapy! The problem is if Olivia got a really good shrink, the show would be far less interesting... It just wouldn't be as much fun. The crazy is so much fun. Everybody is crazy on our show. Keep all of our characters away from shrinks — then Scandal will be good! But, yes, if she was my girlfriend, I'd be like 'Girl, there is a guy you should call. He doesn't take it upfront; you'll get reimbursed. Go get those sessions in. Get em in, girl.' I don't know if she'd do it."

Ellen Pompeo to Grey's Anatomy's Meredith Grey:

BuzzFeed Brews with Facebook Live

"Mind yo business! Mind your business! Meredith's always getting in everybody's business. She has to be all over the place, so I have to get involved in everybody's business. I always tell my daughter, 'Mind your business. Don't mind her business. Don't mind his business. Mind your business.'"

And a parting piece of advice for anyone and everyone from Washington:

BuzzFeed Brews with Facebook Live

Watch the whole conversation below and check out the complete BuzzFeed Brews with Facebook Live with the ladies of ShondaLand here:

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