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The 53 Most Pivotal Moments From All Of "How I Met Your Mother" In Chronological Order

Ted has told a lot of stories, but this is how it all came together. SPOILER ALERT if you haven't seen the series finale.

1. In 1996, Ted and Marshall are randomly assigned to the same freshman dorm room.

2. At the first party of the year, Ted hits on Lily.

3. The next morning, Lily is "drawn" to Marshall's room when she goes looking for someone to fix her stereo.

4. During the semester break, Ted and Marshall drive across the country together, bonding over The Proclaimers' "I'm Gonna Be," which was the only song they could listen to since the tape player was broken.

5. In 2001, Ted meets Barney in the bathroom at MacLaren’s.

6. In 2005, Lily and Marshall get engaged in their apartment.

7. That same night, Ted meets Robin.

8. On Dec. 31, 2005, Lily and Marshall have the most magical New Year's Eve midnight kiss ever.

9. In spring 2006, Ted steals a blue French horn — again! — and makes it rain to get Robin to go on a second date with him.

10. But the next morning, Ted gets home to find out Lily has left Marshall and moved to San Francisco.

11. A few months later, Barney goes out to San Francisco to tell Lily she needs to come home.

12. In 2006, Lily and Marshall get back together.

13. In November 2006, the slap bet is orchestrated.

14. And Barney, Ted, Marshall, and Lily find out Robin used to be a Canadian teen pop star in named Robin Sparkles.

15. In winter 2007, slap No. 2 is given.

16. In spring 2007, Lily and Marshall get married.

17. On Slapsgiving 2007, slap No. 3 is given.

18. In fall 2009, Ted teaches his first architecture class — in the wrong room.

And little did he know, his future wife was in the classroom.

19. On Slapsgiving 2009, slap No. 4 is given.

20. In spring 2010, on the night of his mother's second wedding, Ted impulsively buys a home in the suburbs.

21. In January 2011, Marshall's father dies from a heart attack.

22. In spring 2011, Barney finally confronts his dad about being an absent father.

23. That same year, Lily and Robin get Marshall and Barney to the best level of drunkenness ever reached.

24. In fall 2011, yet another bet is orchestrated: the ducky tie.

25. A few months later, slap No. 5 is given.

26. Followed immediately by slap No. 6.

27. In winter 2011, Robin finds out she can never have children.

28. In spring 2012, Lily and Marshall's son, Marvin, is born.

29. In winter 2012, Barney meets the Mother at a convenience store.

30. And Barney goes home that night to write his final play. He burns his precious playbook.

31. Then, Barney proposes to Robin.

32. In May 2013, on her way to Robin and Barney's wedding, Lily meets the Mother.

33. The next day, the Mother picks up Marshall and Marvin on the side of the road.

34. A few hours later, slap No. 7 is given.

35. That night, Ted hears the Mother sing for the first time.

36. And (early) the next morning, Marshall finds out Lily is pregnant with their second child.

37. A few minutes before walking down the aisle, Robin (literally) runs into the Mother.

38. At the beginning of his wedding ceremony, Marshall gives Barney the 8th and final slap.

39. And a few minutes later, Robin and Barney get married.

40. A few hours after the wedding, Ted meets the Mother, whose name is Tracy McConnell.

41. Three days later, Ted and Tracy have their first kiss.

42. In 2015, they get engaged.

43. A few months later, in the midst of planning their wedding, Ted and Tracy find out they're pregnant with their first child.

44. And in May 2016, Barney and Robin announced they've split up.

45. That same night, it's revealed Lily is pregnant with her and Marshall's third child.

46. Since their apartment isn't big enough for a family of five, Lily and Marshall have to move and the gang finally says goodbye to the apartment.

47. In 2017, Ted and Tracy's son Luke is born.

48. In 2018, Marshall becomes a judge!

49. In 2020, Barney gets a woman (No. 31) pregnant and has a daughter named Ellie.

50. On a Thursday in 2020, Ted and Tracy get married.

51. And in 2024, Tracy dies after getting sick.

52. In 2030, Ted tells his children the story of how he met their mother.

53. And that same night, he steals a blue french horn for Robin again.