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The 11 Most Amazing Revelations From The "Friday Night Lights"-"Parenthood" Crossover

On the premiere of NBC's new web series, Crucifictorious stopped by The Luncheonette to record their new single. And to share some updates about a few residents of the best town in Texas!

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NBC's new web series Fright Night At The Luncheonette, which combines characters from Jason Katims' former drama Friday Night Lights and his current one Parenthood, debuted on Thursday and saw Dillon, Texas' own Crucifictorious stop by Crosby and Adam Braverman's Bay Area recording studio The Luncheonette to make some beautiful crossover music together.

1. Three years after we last saw Crucifictorious on the series finale of Friday Night Lights, Landry, Devin, and a new unnamed band member have sold their song to "a shady local car dealership in [their] hometown" for a commercial.


4. Billy Riggins came by with some friends and his standard six-pack. But not before finding the Bay Area's own "Landing Strip."


Mindy kicked him out of their house and he's been following Crucifictorious around the country ever since.


7. And Landry confirms that every female in the country knows Tim Riggins after Amber tells Billy to tell Tim she says hi.


But don't judge her too much: "It was one time." (Side note: I can only imagine this is Mae Whitman's dream come true.)

Watch the whole webisode here!

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