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26 Times "One Tree Hill" Kept You Up At Night

There's only one Tree Hill. And it's the scariest town on earth.

1. The night Peyton and Brooke went to a college party as high school sophomores and Peyton got roofied.

2. When Keith turned on a red arrow and got into a terrible car accident.

3. Or that time Nathan crashed his race car on the track because he was distraught over losing Haley.

4. When Dan got burned in the dealership fire.

5. The school shooting.

6. When Dan USED THE SCHOOL SHOOTING to kill Keith, his own brother, in cold blood.

7. The limo accident on the bridge.

8. When Peyton's fake brother Derek, aka Ian, covered her room with pictures of her.

9. And then Ian was shoved out of the window, but was gone by the time the police arrived a few minutes later.

10. That time Nathan's loan shark hit Haley with his car.

11. Or when Ian returned (because he wasn't in jail after all) and attacked Peyton and Brooke.

12. When Nathan got shoved through a glass window during a bar fight.

13. The day Jamie got abducted by psycho nanny Carrie.

14. And then psycho nanny Carrie ran Dan over with her car and held him hostage.

15. The time Brooke was attacked in her store as she was locking up.

16. When Quentin was killed.

17. When psycho nanny Carrie chased Haley and Jamie in the woods.

18. The time Xavier, who attacked Brooke and killed Quentin, picked up Sam.

19. And Xavier held Sam hostage.

20. When Katie shot Quinn and Clay.

21. Or when Brooke and Jamie got trapped in a car during a horrible thunderstorm.

22. And Katie returned to try to kill Quinn in her home.

23. When Nathan got kidnapped.

24. When Xavier attacked Brooke in the parking garage.

25. Dan's elaborate rescue of Nathan.

26. One Tree Hill was an intense show to watch. But we'll always have the time when a dog ate Dan’s transplant heart!