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21 Reasons Why The "Scandal" Finale Was Everything Gladiators Wanted And Deserved

Everything was definitely handled in the Season 3 finale. Is it time for Season 4 yet? Obviously, SPOILER ALERT!

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Seriously, SPOILER ALERT if you have not seen the Scandal Season 3 finale, "The Price of Free and Fair Election."

2. Every news channel showed Vice President Langston tending to the bombing victims over the president's speech.

ABC / Via Emily Orley / BuzzFeed

And rightfully so, because who really cares what he has to say at this point?

3. Olivia completely and wholeheartedly cared for and trusted her father.

ABC / Via Emily Orley / BuzzFeed

Season 3 Olivia really should have listened to Season 2 Olivia, because she knew how to see things clearly.

6. But just when you thought Fitz was a good husband, he and Olivia had yet another conversation about how far away Vermont is from where they are.

12. And it became apparent that everything this entire season was a total ruse just to get Olivia on a damn plane out of town.

13. Tom proved to be the most loyal member of B613.

ABC / Via Emily Orley / BuzzFeed

Sorry, Jake. Killing three people on the street was ballsy of you, but Tom takes things to a next level.

18. Huck came face to face with his real family for the first time in 12 years.

ABC / Via Emily Orley / BuzzFeed

With the exception of the incident in the train station, but that doesn't really count as an encounter.

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