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17 Important Moments From The 100th Episode Of "Glee" That Brought The Show Back To Its Roots

In order to say goodbye to New Directions, the show went back to its beginnings.

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1. April Rhodes, maybe the most beloved New Directions honorary member, returned.


And once she finishes her wine, she's totally going to save New Directions.

2. And finally gave New Directions the opportunity to perform "Raise Your Glass."


Not to be outdone by the Warblers, everyone literally raised glasses.

3. Santana, Quinn, and Brittany recreated their steamy "Toxic" performance.

4. And Santana convinced Brittany to sing and dance to "Valerie" with her.

Because Santana wants Brittany to stop being a math guinea pig and return to what she loves most: dancing. Brittana forever.

5. Puck serenaded Quinn with "Keep Holding On."

Because she showed up with a jerk boyfriend and he wanted to remind her he could still cut her heart. He can and he cuts harder than a knife.

6. Holly Holiday, another favorite guest and friend of April, made an appearance.

And acknowledged the most important Glee Facebook page that should exist in real life.

7. And led the gang in a no-frills production of "Happy."

Remember when New Directions' performances were just singing and dancing in the choir room? Those were the best. And apparently, if they had just stuck to those, New Directions wouldn't be cut due to the insane financial burden it puts on the school.

8. Brittany put her math skills to use.

9. And Brittany's AMAZING web series had another installment.


Can this be a spin-off?

10. There was one more diva-off.


Because Rachel and Mercedes needed to know once and for all who was the all-star of New Directions.

11. To, of course, "Defying Gravity."


Can you ever hear "Defying Gravity" too many times? No, no you can't. And by no, I mean yes.

12. Santana gave another epic bitch-rant.



Long live Santana.

13. And Puck worried his affair with Quinn would always haunt him.

14. Brittana made out!

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15. And so did Puck and Quinn!

I mean, of course she wasn't going to let him leave. But a dramatic run down the hallway made it so much better.

16. Finn was given a permanent resting place in the auditorium.

And it was extremely emotional. ALL OF THE FEELS.

17. But the original gang was all together for one last time.

And they said goodbye.

The second half of the Glee two-part 100th episode special airs on Tuesday, March 25 at 8 p.m. on Fox.