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    14 Times Olivia Pope Didn't Spill Her Red Wine All Over Her White Clothing

    Take note for any time you're wearing a head-to-toe white cashmere-silk outfit. But really, always do as Olivia does.

    1. When we witnessed her first medicinal sip.

    2. Every time she was with her father.

    3. When she found out Amanda was pregnant with the president's baby.

    4. After (yet another) late night phone call with Fitz.

    5. Or just any phone call.

    6. When she was dealing with her fear of the president dying and not being able to say goodbye.

    7. In the company of her BFF Cy, regardless if they're happy or sad.

    8. She even drinks with clients.

    9. Another client, another glass close enough to her white outfit.

    10. When she found out her father is Command.

    11. Any time she's with Jake.

    12. There isn't even a spot on that white cashmere blanket!

    13. Or when she realized her father controls her life, and always will.

    14. And of course, when she got fired.

    Just make sure you don't spill any on your white hat, Liv.