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12 Insane Pieces Of Art From Marc Jacobs' Immaculate Collection

Just a Damien Hirst here and a Richard Prince there. NBD.

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1. Graffiti


PRICE: Free. And actually, this might MAKE MJ money.

The backstory: In May 2012, graffiti artist Kidult spray-painted "$686" on Marc Jacobs' New York City store. In response, Jacobs — a huge art lover — photographed the art and put it on tees, which he sold for $686. This week, Kidult tried to pull a fast one on Marc again, spray-painting $686 on Jacobs' Paris store. Marc might just keep this work on display if not also turn it into tote bags or something.


Sources: The Telegraph, The Daily Beast, Apartment Therapy, Top Celebrity Homes, New York Magazine, and The New Yorker.

Note: While all these pieces were owned by Jacobs at some point, he might have sold some of them since last discussing them in the media.